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December 25, 2022

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Sushi All The Time Rinka Japanese Restaurant launched the Temaki Sushi Plate ($150) to make custom hand rolls.

The dedicated team at Rinka Japanese Restaurant strives to bring “smiles to the faces of guests” by offering an assortment of authentic Japanese cuisine, including sushi, tempura, soba and sashimi that are prepared fresh to order.

Temaki Sushi Plate ($150) This platter serves three to four people.

Like the Japanese flower for which it is named, Rinka continues to blossom with an array of delicious dishes and flavor combinations within its spacious, inviting setting. Situated on the Aeo tower’s ground level within bustling WardVillage, the awe-inspiring locale was constructed with an open concept that includes a sushi bar and a sleek interior complete with warm tones and a high ceiling accented by modern lighting elements.

Hand rolls made using the Temaki Sushi Plate ($150)

Rinka offers a private dining room, which includes beautiful wood accents and is ideal for parties, family gatherings or special events. The restaurant also features a full bar where guests can enjoy their favorite food and spirits, and ample parking is available in the lot above the restaurant as well as throughout Ward Village.


The restaurant has introduced a Temaki Sushi Plate ($150, serves three to four people, reserve at least one day in advance) with an assortment of sushi rice, nori, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, red snapper, eel, boiled shrimp, ikura, herring roe, tamagoyaki, toro, imitation crab, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, kaiware sprouts, shiso leaves, takuan and umeboshi paste. Guests use these ingredients to create custom hand rolls right at the table, and the combinations of flavors and textures are limitless.

Ikura, herring roe and boiled shrimp

Additionally, guests can look forward to a revamped sushi menu featuring nigiri, inari and roll varieties that “upgrade the dining experience” with multiple a la carte selections.

Toro and green onions, spicy tuna and crab salad Note: Items are part of the Temaki Sushi Plate ($150)

“Temaki sushi is very popular in Japan for family parties as different varieties are great for people of all ages,” Rinka manager Mi dori Omura says. “If you’re looking to enjoy Japanese food with your favorite beverage, and hang out with friends and family, we’re here to welcome you. The goal is to provide a great meal, drinks and excellent customer service.”

Omura encourages guests to stay tuned for new course menus that are introduced with the changing seasons. Customers regularly leave positive comments about their experiences at Rinka, including commending their servers and the chefs who go out of their way to tailor a unique experience with each visit.

For more, follow Rinka on Instagram @rinka_restaurant and visit rinkahawaii.com.

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