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November 27, 2022

Story By: Averie Soto | Photos by: Restaurant Suntory

Hot Pot and Hako-sushi Course Toki (call for price)

A gem found within Waikiki’s Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Restaurant Suntory is known for presenting guests with a warm atmosphere of authentic Japanese culture and cuisine.

“We find joy of bringing the culture of Japan to the table,” says general manager Asami Hamana. “We also love introducing the culture and food of Japan to the guests who are not familiar with Japanese cuisine, making them falling love with our cuisine.”

Shunsaizen Monthly Lunch Course ($42)

The restaurant features the fun twists of sushi omakase, where guests allow the chef’s creative freedom to customize their meal, and teppanyaki, where guests seat themselves around a large griddle and witness the chef’s culinary skills up close. Some of the restaurant’s most tempting dishes include the Shunsaizen Monthly Lunch Course ($42), which is made to follow the seasons of Japan, utilizing seasonal items of the month: Miyazaki Wagyu, that can be served teppanyaki style ($106) or thinly sliced and added to a hotpot ($114), and the lunch and dinner omakases ($110 and $250, respectively).

Teppanyaki Imperial Course (call for price)

“We are very grateful to say that we have many repeaters,” Hamana says. “And they all say that they love our food, which is simple and traditional, and are comfort food to many.”

2233 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

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