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September 4, 2022

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Seafood Chirashi Bowl and Cold Inaniwa Udon, part of the Autumn Omakase Course Menu ($100)

As summer transitions to fall, Rinka Japanese Restaurant is offering a special Autumn Omakase Course Menu to celebrate the season.

Located on the Aeo Tower’s ground level within the bustling Ward Village, Rinka offers an assortment of authentic Japanese cuisine, including sushi, tempura, soba and sashimi, that are prepared fresh by the talented heart-of-the-house team.

Miso-Marinated Butterfish, Crab Cream Croquette and Steamed Abalone, part of the Autumn Omakase Course Menu ($100)

The autumn seven-course set menu ($100 per person, plus tax) is available now and features three types of sashimi, Miso-Marinated Butterfish, Steamed Abalone, Crab Cream Croquette, Beef Tongue with Onion Salt-based Sauce and a Simmered Pepe Clam caught locally as a delicious appetizer.

Dobin Mushi, meanwhile, epitomizes the Japanese fall season, as this staple dish is enjoyed in autumn. Ingre dients, including maitake mushrooms and seafood, are steamed in an earthenware pot filled with dashi.

Beef Tongue with Onion Salt-based Sauce, part of the Autumn Omakase Course Menu ($100)

“First, enjoy the aroma of this soup stock with the sake cup that comes with it, then enjoy all the wonderful ingredients,” Rinka manager Midori Omura says. “If you’re looking to enjoy Japanese food with your favorite beverage, and hang out with friends and family, we’re here to welcome you. The goal is to provide a great meal, drinks and excellent customer service.”

As a reminder, reservations for this special set menu must be made at least a day in advance and the menu is subject to change based on availability.

1001 Queen St, Honolulu, HI 96814

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