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May 8, 2022

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Store manager Nicole Silva smiles with Genki Sushi’s seasonal specials, Rayu Chicken and Rainbow Dragon.

When it comes to enjoying one’s favorite items at Genki Sushi, any season is sushi season.

Local diners of all ages are invited “all aboard” the train as the Genki Sushi “Bullet Express” continues to bring flavor and fun to patrons across Hawaii. The restaurant chain is also experimenting with a new mobile technology that allows guests at select locations to order directly from their phones and pay for their orders with a few clicks.

By taking the Japanese sushi tradition to new levels, Genki Sushi is an innovator in the culinary community after initially popularizing kaiten sushi — translated to mean “revolving,” as the popular selections became famous for being served on a conveyor belt.

Rayu Chicken ($11)

With eight locations on Oahu, as well as eateries on Kauai (Kukui Grove Shopping Center), Maui (Maui Mall) and Hawaii Island (Kona and Hilo), Genki Sushi serves up flavorful creations in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Diners may choose from a host of delicious sushi selections, rice bowls topped with local favorites, bento sets, tasty desserts and beverages.

Assorted sushi options

Most Genki Sushi locations across the state offer the double-rail bullet train sushi delivery configuration for convenient, ultra-fast ordering to help identify and select one’s favorite choices in a flash. As part of the train-ordering process, diners can place orders via a touch-screen panel and receive their fresh sushi favorites tableside.

Rainbow Dragon ($11)

Diners can look forward to new specials available now through the summer. Rayu Chicken ($11) is a must-try special that makes its anticipated return to the Genki menu as the sweet-and-spicy sauce covers fried chicken that goes great with a side of rice and one’s favorite beverage.

The Rainbow Dragon ($11) pairs the popular Rainbow and Dragon rolls into one as ahi, salmon and avocado are placed atop the roll with imitation crab and cucumber in the middle of half of this specialty sushi creation that is paired with unagi and avocado and unagi sauce to complete the tasty combo.

Nigiri Set ($11) features pieces of ahi, hamachi, salmon, tako, ebi, ika and spicy tuna all on one. Garlic Set ($11) includes an array of local favorites with two pieces each of ahi, salmon and ebi topped with a zesty garlic sauce and green onion to complete the bold flavor profile. By ordering this set, diners save more than $2 when compared to ordering them a la carte.

“Every three months or so, we come up with different seasonal specials as we put together our more popular items and flavors that customers will enjoy – for us, sushi is always in season,” says senior director of operations Bunji Mine. “These are really great deals when you compare the sets to the a la carte offerings, so come in and enjoy them with your friends and family.”

Some Genki Sushi locations have adjusted their hours of operation based on available staffing due to an industry-wide shortage stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. And, as a reminder, prices may vary by location.

Note: In addition to the great value across the menu, Genki Sushi also offers a 10% discount for military members and seniors 55 and older. The discount is available Sunday through Thursday on dine-in orders only (unless the store is offering takeout service only), and diners must show valid photo identification; this offer may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

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