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March 20, 2022

Story By: Jocelyn Lansangan | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Beef Tongue (included in all courses, or $12 a la carte)

Ichifuji provides a welcoming atmosphere with its joyful and smiling staff members who make it their mission to give patrons a genuine Japanese experience in terms of cuisine and hospitality. The restaurant’s authentic, healthy Japanese hot pot “otoshi nabe” is a specialty nabe dish made from the rich flavor of oxtail simmered for 24 hours. Guests can dip various ingredients into the nabe shabu shabu style and relish each flavorful combination with the decadent dashi.

Along with being able to order a la carte, the Japanese eatery offers several courses including the Premium Course Meal ($98.50), 10-Course Meal ($58.50) and a 6-Course Meal ($39.80). The Beef Tongue, which offers essential vitamins, can be found in each course or can be ordered a la carte for $12, and is one of the restaurant’s signature meats and a crowd favorite.

Seared Miso Butter Lobster, part of the Premium Course ($98.50)

Manager Ayako Furuta recommends preparing the beef tongue by dipping it in the hot pot for 10 seconds and enjoying it with the green onion oxtail soup.

Meanwhile, the Beef Tongue Katsu ($14.90) is prepared by deep-frying the seasoned slow-cooked beef tongue for six hours before it is served. It is then paired with katsu sauce and a slice of lemon.

Beef Tongue Katsu ($14.90)

“We are one of the rare restaurants that offer this dish,” says Furuta.

The Seared Miso Butter Lobster is part of the Premium Course. The lobster is first bathed in butter and then boiled until it becomes tender and soft. It is then seared and served with green onions and a slice of lemon.

The establishment recommends allotting the appropriate time for each course, respectively, to fully enjoy the experience.

2334 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826

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