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January 9, 2022

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Kau Kau Grill’s poke selections (top, from left) Shoyu Limu Tako, Hurricane, Spicy Ahi, Shoyu Poke, (bottom) Shoyu Limu Ahi, Furikake Salmon, Hawaiian-Style Limu Ahi Poke, Sesame Tako Poke (prices vary)

While many local diners and frequent visitors know Kau Kau Grill in Mapunapuna for its flavorful plate lunches including garlic shrimp, pulehu beef short ribs, smothered barbecue baby back ribs and signature Krazy Rice, the restaurant is also a go-to destination for some of the freshest poke and sashimi options in town.

As a special inside scoop for Dining Out readers, Kau Kau Grill is offering a new array of sashimi and poke selections to celebrate the new year. Starting today, guests can enjoy the rich flavors of Japanese bluefin tuna and other local favorites in a convenient set.

Otoro, akami and chutoro (prices vary)

Deluxe Sashimi Bento ($32) features three cuts of Japanese bluefin tuna: akami (red meat of the bluefin), chutoro (fatty part of the bluefin) and otoro (bluefin belly); along with local ahi, Ora king salmon and hamachi (yellowtail). The Sashimi Bento ($20) features the aforementioned choices without the bluefin tuna pieces.

Deluxe Chirashi Bento ($37) is built with the three cuts of Japanese bluefin tuna (akami, chutoro and otoro) as well as local ahi, Ora king salmon, hamachi, unagi, zuke ebi (marinated shrimp), and Hokkaido scallop. The Chirashi Bento ($25) includes everything in the deluxe version minus the bluefin slices.

Sashimi Bento ($20)

The new bento selections also include pickled cucumber, pickled ginger to cleanse the palate and takuan. The bentos are accompanied by a side of koshihikari Ginza style sushi rice, which sushi chef Ryan Souza explains “offers a more modern approach to sushi rice, with a short-grain texture and more flavor than traditional sushi rice that complements the fish very well.”

Be sure to try Kau Kau Grill’s new poke selections, including Shoyu Ahi, Spicy Ahi, Hurricane, Shoyu Limu Tako, Shoyu Limu Ahi, Furikake Salmon, Hawaiian-Style Limu Ahi Poke and Sesame Tako Poke.

Chirashi Bento ($25)

The fresh poke selections are sold by the pound at market prices.

To inquire about menu items and catering options, call 808-476-5888 and follow the restaurant on Twitter and Instagram (@kaukaugrill).

Honolulu, HI 96819

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