Roll into the holiday season

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December 5, 2021

Story By: Tasha Mero | Photos by: Genki Sushi

Kalbi Tempura Roll ($5.15-$5.35)

Genki Sushi, which has been serving the state for nearly 30 years, offers a variety of dishes for seafood lovers. Ring in the holidays with its holiday menus, party platters and gift card promotion.

The restaurant’s dine-in seasonal specials, which will be offered through December, include: Tiger King ($10 -$10.50), Seafood Sampler ($10-$10.50), Rayu Chicken ($10-$10.50) and Kalbi Tempura ($5.15-$5.35). Prices vary by location.

“Rayu Chicken (price varies) has grown to become my favorite of the four,” says director of purchasing and operations David Moon.“Rayu is a sesame chile oil that is often used in Japanese dishes to add heat and flavor. It’s simply delicious.”

Seafood Sampler ($10-$10.50)

The Seafood Sampler (price varies), which contains spicy tuna, ahi poke and seafood salad, allows customers to try various popular poke options.

The eatery also reviewed its bestsellers and made them available as holiday platters. Options include:

Spicy Tuna ($55), Chicken Karaage ($45), Fried Squid ($55), and Fried Squid and Chicken Karaage Combo ($50). Each platter serves approximately eight people. Moon notes that he personally enjoys the Spicy Tuna Platter.

Tiger King ($10-$10.50)

“Our Spicy Tuna recipe has always been one of the creations we are most proud of,” Moon shares. “We do not use Sriracha like most sushi places. It’s a top-selling item at all our locations.”

Gift cards, which make great stocking stuffers, are also available. Now through Dec. 31, customers that purchase $100 in gift cards in-store can receive a complimentary $10 gift certificate. Or, purchase $200 in gift cards and receive a complimentary $25 gift certificate.

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