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October 24, 2021

Story By: Jocelyn Lansangan | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Pulehu steak (dishes pictured here are options in the Ohana At Home Meals)

Pearl Country Club Restaurant, also known as the golf course’s “perfect 19th hole,” wants to announce its new Surf and Turf Ohana At Home Meal ($69.99) launching Nov. 1. Designed to feed a family of four, Pearl Country Club wants to help your ohana stay safe and keep stomachs satiated in the comfort of your own home.

Fried noodles

“Having a wholesome, homemade meal like this has been very popular and is much more satisfying than fast food,” says marketing, purchasing and retail manager Dawn Crozier.

Sautéed island fish with meuniére caper sauce

This meal includes your choice of pulehu steak or shoyu pork, baked garlic mayo fish or sautéed island fish with meuniére caper sauce, salad (mac or tossed), fried noodles and rice with furikake.

Korean fried chicken

These ohana meals started in July when the club celebrated Family Golf Month and wanted to incorporate its restaurant as well. Since the beginning of September, the club has updated its Original Ohana At Home Meal ($59.95) to give more selection, and it now includes Korean fried chicken or chicken katsu, beef stew or beef curry, fried noodles, salad, and rice with furikake. Please give at least one hour notice when ordering Ohana At Home Meals.

Beef curry

Pearl Country Club wants to join your family this holiday season with its special Thanksgiving Ohana Meal ($69.95), available Nov. 15-30, and will have preorder meals available for Christmas Day and New Year’s, too.

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