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September 19, 2021

Story By: Don Robbins |

7-Eleven Hawaii offers a variety of Korea Seven and Seven Premium snack items.

The 7-Eleven Hawaii stores carry an array of new snack sensations from Japan and Korea that are enticing local taste buds.

Among them are Seven Premium, which was created in May of 2007 as a response to the customer demand for high-quality, affordable and delicious snacks. The products in the assortment fall under strict selection criteria, including matching the local palate so they’re well-received by customers.

Seven Premium items range from Cheese Rings, Tamago Boro, Butter Cookie, Langue De Chat Chocolate and much more. This is an exclusive brand unique to the Seven & i Group and 7-Eleven Japan.

The Watermelon Snack ($1.98) is a top-selling item within the Korea Seven product line.

“We have seen a growing demand for products that our customers see when they visit 7-Eleven in Japan. 7-Eleven Japan is our parent company, which presents us with a unique opportunity to offer exclusive customer favorites that you can only find at 7-Eleven. Even though the product descriptions are in Japanese, customers can know that they are getting a high-quality, delicious snack,” shares category manager Rochelle Ohata.

Meanwhile, 7-Eleven Hawaii also carries Korea Seven items, which all retail for $1.98.

“They are exclusive to and made for 7-Eleven South Korea, so they can only be found at 7-Eleven,” Ohata adds.

Among them is the Garlic Baguette, a package of sweet and salty garlic toast chips in bite-sized pieces. Another is Tiramisu Cubes, a light, airy tiramisu-flavored chocolate delight. Those looking for a zesty experience can try the fit-for-all-ages Sour Cream & Onion Popcorn. In addition, the Tteokbokki Snack has Korean rice cake chips that are sweet and slightly spicy with a good crunch.

The top-selling product within the Korea Seven lineup, the Watermelon Snack, is a light, slightly sweet chip. It has a cereal-like quality with a very mild watermelon flavor that leaves you coming back for more.

“Korea Seven created an export division, and we wanted to be one of the first to carry their products abroad. Korean food is very popular in Hawaii, so we knew the snacks would do well here, too,” says merchandising manager Masayuki Imada.

“All items are available now, but selection varies by store as the assortment is catered to the neighborhoods in which we operate,” Ohata adds.

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