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July 11, 2021

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Camille Wong, 7-Eleven Hawaii creative strategist and designer of the new SLURPEE and BIG GULP cups, makes a 40-ounce SLURPEE.

Today is an extra special Sunday for 7-Eleven Hawaii’s valued patrons. Starting at 11 a.m. July 11, the first 500 customers will receive free small SLURPEE coupons and a reusable bag (while supplies last) with any purchase of at least $5 (excludes gas). Lucky winners need to visit the register to receive both the coupon and the gift with purchase. This coupon can be used on the same day, or customers can choose to redeem it at a later time in July.

The company, which has as its tagline “Your Neighborhood Store,” will also be adding more ways to celebrate with enter-to-win giveaways on Instagram and Facebook (@7elevenhi).

7-Eleven Day is celebrated on July 11 and is commonly referred to as the company’s “birthday.” This day is celebrated in different ways globally and it is a fun way for the business to reward and connect with customers.

7-Eleven Day celebration A reusable tote bag and small SLURPEE coupon

In the past, the business used to give out a free small SLURPEE to patrons, but this year it wanted to modify the celebration to minimize store overcrowding.

“SLURPEE is for everyone, so our goal is to create the flavor assortment that people of all ages can mix, slurp and enjoy,” explains category manager Debbie Poynter.

Ube-flavored SLURPEE

She elaborates that SLURPEE has become synonymous with 7-Eleven and it remains one of the company’s core offerings.

“It is a fun, frozen and refreshing treat that can be mixed just the way you like it. We focus on incorporating new flavors that complement our classic offerings such as Coca-Cola and strawberry,” Poynter shares. “We work with companies such as Harders Hawaii on new and local flavors to put a Hawaii spin on something classic such as SLURPEE. For inspiration, we often look at what’s trending, or even look to nostalgic flavors to see what we can breathe new life into.”

The newest flavor coming out later this month is the “vitaminwater gutsy” flavor, which has zero sugar. It can be mixed with one of the company’s classics such as watermelon or banana for a refreshing summer treat.

Fanta Frozen Watermelon SLURPEE

Marketing manager Annika Streng says that later this month, 7-Eleven Hawaii will be changing its fountain and SLURPEE cups to paper with PLA plastic lids and straws.

“As a corporation, we have a role to play in minimizing single-use plastics, and want to offer a more sustainable substitute. The new cups maintain the SLURPEE and BIG GULP legacy brands that we are known for, but the design adds a local flair. Our goal is to cater to the people of Hawaii and put out a cup that they will connect with,” Streng adds.

Each of the cups feature icons highlighting different themes such as recreation, music and dance, food and drink, and Hawaii’s natural environment.

The new line of locally designed SLURPEE cups

7-Eleven Hawaii’s creative strategist Camille Wong crafted the designs.

“My goal with the design was to capture the spirit of 7-Eleven Hawaii’s fun and fluid nature. The tagline ‘SLURPEE YOUR WAY’ means just that: With SLURPEE, there is a size, flavor and combination made for you, by you,” Wong states.

“We have been perfecting these designs for about a year, and I hope our customers love it as much as we do,” she adds.

Besides its refreshing drinks that are perfect for cooling off on a hot day, 7-Eleven Hawaii also offers many food items to grab and go.

For example, the company offers the Salted Egg Custard Bun ($2.22 per piece on Oahu; $2.29 per piece on neighbor islands). 7-Eleven Hawaii partnered with Yung Yee Kee Dim Sum located on Kapiolani Boulevard to offer dim sum classics statewide, including this latest addition. It is available from steamers by the single piece or in a two-piece pack from the chill case for take-home consumption.

Another item available is the Spicy Garlic Butter Spam Musubi ($1.75 on Oahu; $2.25 on neighbor islands.) This musubi treat uses three types of garlic for an extra punch of flavor.

“This flavor has been so popular in the past we brought it back,” Streng explains.

“All of our products found in the chill cases such as musubi, bento, and manapua can be purchased to take home or can be heated at the store. Our fresh food is made daily by our commissary partner Warabeya U.S.A. at their Waipahu facility and is delivered to the stores within 24 hours to maintain its fresh, never-frozen quality,” Streng notes.

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