Sushi specials for the summer

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July 11, 2021

Story By: Ginger Keller | Photos by: Genki Sushi

Spicy Tuna Ebi Fry Roll (prices vary)

One of Hawaii’s most prized sushi joints is offering seasonal specials at all of its locations for a limited time.

From Kapolei to Kapahulu and around the bend to Kaneohe, Genki Sushi will be serving up Sukiyaki Fries ($10 Oahu; $10.50 neighbor islands), which is decorated with a mussel and unagi sauce on top.

Sukiyaki Fries (prices vary)

As far as fish options go, there’s something for everyone in Genki’s affordable and abundant plates. Opt for the Spicy Tuna Ebi Fry Roll ($10 Oahu; $10.50 neighbor islands) or the Hamachi Carpaccio ($10 Oahu; $10.50 neighbor islands), which features five slices of hamachi in ponzu sauce, topped off with white onions and tobiko.

Hamachi Carpaccio (prices vary)

Lastly, the Salmon Oyako ($5 Oahu; $6.25 neighbor islands) is a salmon round roll with ikura (fish eggs), and provides seafood lovers with perfect bites of varying flavors and textures.

Genki Sushi, which also has locations on Kauai, Maui and Hawaii Island, has been in business for more than five decades. In fact, its innovative and famous concept of kaiten (revolving) sushi first came about in December 1968, when chef Fumio Saito, who was only 24 years old at the time, pioneered the use of a conveyor belt to serve his fare.

Salmon Oyako (prices vary)

Throughout the years, the restaurant chain flourished in Japan and now can be found around the world.

Check out the full menu at genkisushiusa.com and keep up with upcoming specials by visiting its Instagram (@genkisushiusa).

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