A local-flavored beverage just in time for summer

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June 13, 2021

Story By: Ginger Keller |

UBE AND HAUPIA SLURPEE. Ube is a trending taste, which derives from purple yams that are originally from the Philippines. While haupia is, of course, the traditional coconut milk-based Hawaiian dessert. The two flavors blended together are a match made in heaven. Photo courtesy 7-ELEVEN HAWAII

As the heat kicks in, 7-Eleven Hawaii debuts two brand new SLURPEE flavors: ube and haupia. These locally made and crafted icy beverages are available for a limited time at most locations.

“SLURPEE is one of our core brands, so we always look to keep classic and refreshing flavors such as Coca-Cola and strawberry that our customers know and love,” shares Debbie Poynter, category manager for fountain, SLURPEE and non-alcoholic beverages. “We work with companies such as Harders Hawaii on new and local flavors to put a Hawaii spin on something classic, such as SLURPEE. For inspiration we often look at what’s trending, or even look to the past to see what types of flavors we can breathe new life into.

With 65 locations across the islands, 7-Eleven Hawaii serves as a one-stop shop to find everything one may need from ice cold beverages — like a SLURPEE — to quick bites, such as the ever-classic musubi. Photo courtesy 7-ELEVEN HAWAII

“I think that everyone has a connection to or memory of drinking a SLURPEE at some point in their lives, and people know it as a nostalgic and refreshing treat. For this reason, we offer flavors that people of all ages will like.”

With stores spanning from Kauai to the Big Island — 65 to be exact — 7-Eleven Hawaii is nicknamed “Your Neighborhood Store” for a reason.

“People may not know that we are a locally operated company,” says Poynter. “Putting local flavors at the forefront helps us show that … We cater a lot of our food and beverages to meet local palates so that we can meet our customers’ needs.”

While ube and haupia are 7-Eleven Hawaii’s latest flavors, they certainly won’t be the last. “Ultimately, SLURPEE is all about a fun frozen treat that is fully customizable, and we hope that our flavor lineup continues to surprise and delight our customers,” says category manager Debbie Poynter. Photo courtesy 7-ELEVEN HAWAII

Coming up, SLURPEE fans can expect to see new and exciting flavors, and even some throwback favorites, too, such as Green River, which offers tastes of lemon-lime and is made with natural cane sugar.

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