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June 20, 2021

Story By: Lianne Bidal Thompson | Photos by: HAWAIIAN SPRINGS

It’s a familiar story: someone visits Hawaii, they fall in love with the islands and never want to leave.

Duane Moore not only fell in love with Hawaii; he also fell in love with the water — specifically, Hawaiian Springs water.

“I first learned about Hawaiian Springs back in 2012 when I was vacationing in the islands, and I loved the water,” Moore says.

“I wanted to bring Hawaiian Springs to the mainland and in 2018 I became their broker … in 2020 there was an opportunity to buy the company. It was a no-brainer for us. I mean, it’s the best water on the planet. It wasn’t a difficult decision.”

The company, which has been in business since 1995, has made it its mission to “manufacture and mar ket the world’s finest natural water,” and states that it’s committed to run its business in a way that reflects the pristine sources from which the water is sourced.

This means being a responsible partner within the communities, caring for the environment and supporting its employees.

“I truly believe it’s the best water on the planet. I’ve been saying that for a long time,” Moore adds. “I think it’s what separates us from all the other waters, especially the waters in Hawaii. Our water is the only artisanal water that’s bottled at the source.”

“The volcanic rock acts as a natural filter and actually draws out all of the impurities” adds Heather Pence, vice president of sales.

“So, we have really clean water because our clouds are coming from pretty much Alaska. We have no air pollution out here. The volcanic rock acts as a filter and it also gives you the proper minerals and electrolytes, so you get silica, magnesium and calcium from the volcanic rock and that is naturally put into our water.”

Hawaiian Springs asserts that it provides “the perfect balance between healthy hydration and a clean, soft taste” and that its water is naturally alkaline at 7.7+. The minerals measure at 37 mg/L silica, 6 mg/L calcium, 3 mg/L magnesium and 2 mg/L potassium.

“We have a plant in Keaau, and that’s where we blow our bottles and we bottle everything right there. So, our water is untouched by humans until you open the bottle, and that’s what makes it really special,” explains Pence.

She adds that, reflecting the company’s commitment to the environment, the bottles are made with recycled plastics and that 50% of the plant’s power comes from solar energy.

“We also just recently won a bronze medal in packaging at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition. We’re pretty proud of that,” Pence says of the prestigious award.

Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting is billed as the largest and longest-running water tasting in the world. It attracts entrants from across the globe.

The company’s cool blue bottles all feature an eye-catching native blossom on the front. It’s more than just a logo. Hawaiian Springs supports The Nature Conservancy and its work to preserve native Hawaiian endemic plant species.

The company also employs 21 people here in the islands: 18 at the plant in Keaau and three on Oahu.

“It’s good that we can give back to the 21 employees. They’re full-time all with full benefits. We’re going to take water from Hawaii, we should give back,” Moore explains.

Moore points out that Hawaiian Springs is almost always running a special at retail locations in which it’s sold, including Safeway. And, just in time for the start of summer activities, there’s a 50-cent off coupon for one any-sized bottle in Dining Out.

“We’re just here to support the community in any way,” Pence says. “If anybody wants to carry Hawaiian Springs or if they want any additional information, they can email me at h.pence@hawaiianspringswater.com and I would be happy to provide them with more information.”

Find out more about Hawaiian Springs at hawaiianspringswater.com.

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