A ramen lovers’ favorite holiday

A La Carte

April 4, 2021

Story By: Ginger Keller | Photos by: SUN NOODLE HAWAII

Sun Noodle Hawaii’s products are made with the best ingredients.

Although today is Easter, there’s another — and tastier — holiday worth celebrating: National Ramen Noodle Day. And Sun Noodle Hawaii gives the spotlight to ramen creators (and lovers) in the community.

“At Sun Noodle, we understand the struggles of being an independently owned business, and we encourage everybody to celebrate by making a visit to their favorite local ramen shop,” says marketing assistant Rachel Murai. “We are the company we are today because of the support from our restaurant partners.”

Found at most Asian or health-centric grocery stores, Sun Noodle offers a wide array of selections, including vegan-friendly options, and features flavors like shoyu, miso, spicy sesame, tonkotsu, tan tan, hiyashi chukka and shio — to name a few.

“Sun Noodle’s noodles are made with wholesome ingredients carefully researched, tasted and hand-selected to ensure the quality of each product,” Murai says. “Our noodles are crafted with passion and pure aloha; made with no added preservatives or chemicals.

“We want to create noodles that are good for you, your soul and body.”

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Hawaii's Best