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January 3, 2021

Story By: Ginger Keller | Photos by: A. CONSILLIO

Porkchop ($10.50)

As if the start of a new year wasn’t already a cause for celebration, Asian Mix also embarks on its 10th year of operations. Its affordable, flavorful and diverse food choices are exactly how the Honolulu-based eatery has reached this remarkable milestone, especially amid a pandemic.

“We used to cater to a sit-down restaurant style with a huge menu, but we eliminated a lot of the dishes,” explains owner Daniel Leung. “We picked the ones that people like to order the most. We try to do things that people can pick up and go. Our cooking, however, is like fine-dining cooking, but in a fast-food way. We don’t precook anything.”

Mongolian Beef ($11.50)

A plate that stands the test of time is Mongolian Beef ($11.50). Packed with nearly a pound of meat, green onions are stir-fried alongside sugar, salt, pepper and cooking wine, as well as oyster and soy sauces.

As a way to keep options on the menu for an assortment of diners, Asian Mix offers a Tofu and Vegetables ($10.50) plate that comes with baby bok choy (and lots of it) and shiitake mushrooms in a light oyster sauce. The original dish isn’t completely vegetarian, though, as Leung incorporates chicken soup as the base, however, customers can request to swap it out for something that fits their dietary desires.

BBQ Pork and Ginger Chicken ($10.50)

Another hit is the Singapore Style Rice Noodles ($8.50). Featuring lots of veggies, BBQ pork and shrimp, customers can’t get enough of the yellow Indian curry that’s intertwined with the dish’s flavors. Typically classified as mild, those wanting a bit more boom can request additional spice.

As always, Asian Mix’s fan-favorite remains its Roast Duck ($27 whole; $15.95 half), which also comes as a plate lunch with rice and veggies for $10.50.

Singapore Style Rice Noodles ($8.50)

“If I could put a rank on every dish, the No. 1 is still going to be the roast duck — every day,” says Leung.

To view the entire menu, visit hiasianmix.com.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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