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November 15, 2020

Story By: Paige Takeya | Photos by: A. CONSILLIO

Spicy Tuna Gunkan

Having to pick a “best plate” at Genki Sushi seems almost counterintuitive.

After all, why pick just one plate when you can grab, say, four or five (or even nine or 10) and enjoy everything? Well, the Genki Sushi Battle of the Plates voter contest offers a few compelling reasons to try.

The eight-week competition began in October, but it’s not too late to head to staradvertiser.com/genki-sushi to choose your favorites.

After all, participants are entered to win a $50 Genki Sushi gift certificate weekly, with a $500 gift certificate up for grabs at the end of the contest.

Rainbow Roll

Still in the running as of press time was the classic Spicy Tuna Gunkan — nori-wrapped rice stuffed with Genki Sushi’s iconic spicy ahi mix — as well as Garlic Salmon Nigiri, which sees succulent salmon covered in garlicky mayo and green onion, and then lightly torched.

(In fact, just about every incarnation of Genki Sushi’s crowd-pleasing spicy tuna was still in it, including the much-loved bowl and hand roll forms.)

Fried Squid Combo

The Rainbow Roll (a California roll topped with ahi, salmon and avocado), Fried Squid Combo (crispy, deep- fried squid legs and rings) and Unagi Nigiri (freshwater eel) also were making good showings.

Other dishes still hanging on were Eggplant Fry Nigiri, Volcano Roll, Kabocha Tempura and California Tempura Roll.

It truly remains anyone’s game.

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Hawaii's Best