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October 25, 2020

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Order now to reserve one of A Catered Experience’s Thanksgiving meal for eight with all the fixings.

A Catered Experience takes the stress out of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with a ready-togo feast that serves eight. Included in the festive package is a whole, fully roasted turkey — we’re talking 10-12 pounds — as well as 4 pounds of mashed potatoes and poultry gravy (each), 3 pounds of stuffing, a pound of cranberry relish, a dozen King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and a pumpkin pie from Napoleon’s Bakery.

The bundle is only $139.95, and those who crave even more turkey during the fall celebration can add another whole bird for $73.

“Customers don’t have to go through the trouble of going shopping,” says general manager Ron Hattori. “Instructions to reheating the side dishes will be provided in the package.”

And, in true A Catered Experience fashion, expect local side dish add-ons for an even more spectacular spread.

A local-style favorite, this side dish is an excellent addition to A Catered Experience’s hearty Thanksgiving feasts. The roll comes uncut, and A Catered Experience showcases how families can present the bite-sized pieces on the dining table.

“It’s a pretty basic package but we do offer additional sides including local favorites such as maki sushi, chicken nishime and potato macaroni salad,” shares Hattori. “This way customers have the option of adding on items.”

Expect, for example, an uncut maki sushi roll ($5.95), 2 pounds of chicken nishime ($13.95) or 3 pounds of stuffing ($10.50). (A full list of sides can be found in the accompanying sidebar below.)

And, adds Hattori: “This year we are also able to accept the Hawaii Restaurant Card for payment.”

Feast pickup is Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26) from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hawaii Okinawa Center parking lot, located at 94-587 Ukee St. in Waipahu.

“When they come to our pickup location, they can stay in their vehicle and our staff will load their package for them,” Hattori explains.

Hattori recommends ordering online at shop.acateredexperience.com by Nov. 19, but A Catered Experience also welcomes mail-in order forms by Nov. 6 — all while supplies last. Those interested in submitting by mail can send the completed form and payment to A Catered Experience, 94-1068 Ka Uka Blvd., Waipahu, HI 96797. Forms can also be faxed to 678-2025. Call for an order form, and A Catered Experience adds that it does not accept cash/ check payments over the phone, email or fax.


Maki Sushi Roll, uncut ($5.95)
King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls ($5.95, dozen)
Napoleon’s Bakery Custard Pie ($10.75)
Napoleon’s Bakery Apple Pie ($10.75)
Napoleon’s Bakery Pumpkin Pie ($10.75)
Mashed Potatoes, 2 pounds ($9.75, 2 pounds)
Poultry Gravy ($5.50, 2 pounds)
Stuffing ($10.50, 3 pounds)
Pineapple/Cranberry Relish ($4.25, half pound)
Chicken Nishime ($13.95, 2 pounds)
Potato/Macaroni Salad ($8.50, 2 pounds)
Steamed Vegetables ($9.95, 2 pounds)
Whole Turkey ($73, 10-12 pounds)


Those who order five or more Thanksgiving feast packages will receive a gift certificate from A Catered Experience equal to 10 percent of the total purchase (excluding tax). The certificate will be valid through March 31 of next year.

Waipahu, HI 96797

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