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September 6, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: MARK GALACGAC

Dynamite Chicken (price varies)

For a guaranteed kanak attack, head to Leeward Bowl in Pearl City from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a special drive-thru plate lunch party. For $10, customers can create a one-dish plate lunch, and $11 nets a two-choice option. Selections include everything from crispy pork and garlic shrimp to traditional pancit and boneless pork chops.

There’s also a special Pulehu Steak Plate that comes with a Pepsi for just $8.

Hibachi Smoke Meat (price varies)

“And, if you don’t like what you see outside, walk through Leeward Bowl and order through the kitchen,” adds chef Ceferino Maduli.

The restaurant remains open for takeout all the way through 7 p.m. for dinner, and phone orders are welcome, as are requests through DoorDash.

Pulehu Steak Plate ($8 with Pepsi) Photo courtesy Leeward Bowl

One of Maduli’s specials right now is a Wagyu Cheeseburger that comes with apple bacon and a fried egg (and a small Pepsi) for just $11.

“That wagyu is a half-pound of meat,” he explains.

Crispy Pork (price varies)

For a full menu, check out Leeward Bowl and its sister eatery eight50 Craft Beer & Whiskey Bar online at leewardbowl.com/grill.html and eight50hi.com.

Pearl City, HI 96782

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