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July 26, 2020

Story By: Nicole Monton | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($8.50)

It’s been a busy summer for Asian Mix, which has had an overwhelmingly successful run since reopening back in June. Located on South Beretania Street for nearly a decade, the grab-and-go Chinese eatery has grown its customer base to include loyal patrons from across the island — and it’s all thanks to its generous portions of Chinese, Japanese and local fare at affordable prices.

“We did a lot better than we originally thought,” says owner Daniel Leung with a chuckle. “It was a big surprise.”

But a quick look at the menu reveals precisely why Asian Mix has been a hit with customers for so long. The restaurant features a little bit of everything, including a ton of Chinese-inspired dishes (with local twists), as well as ramen and Hong Kong-style mains like pan-fried noodles and a roast meat station. There’s something for everyone, and with larger-than-life portions, it’s perfect for family-style sharing — or for stocking up on leftovers for lunch the next day.

Char Siu and Ginger Chicken with rice ($10.50)

“We want the food to be affordable and the servings to be large,” adds Leung.

There’s a wide mix of dishes to try — hence the restaurant’s catchy name — and top recommendations include two choices from the roast meat station: cold ginger chicken, roast duck, roast pork, spare ribs and char siu. One of the most popular combinations is the roast pork and ginger chicken, though Leung notes that, really, any two choices are tasty options.

“People make all kinds of different choices,” he adds with a laugh.

The meats are served alongside fresh veggies and atop a bed of steaming hot white rice. These combo plates are the perfect to-go staples for quick dinners on the way home from work or a fast bite to eat on your lunch break.

There’s definitely something special about Asian Mix’s Won Ton Noodle Soup ($7.95), and the secret is in the protein-packed dumplings. Both shrimp and pork are mixed in each won ton — a Hong Kong-style staple — and the noodles are cooked to maintain their crispy, crunchy texture.

Orange Chicken ($10.50 a la carte, full order)

“We make it a special way,” Leung explains.

The Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($8.50) , meanwhile, pack a lot of flavor in each bite, thanks to the yellow curry flavor cooked in.

“We get the rice noodles from a well-known noodle maker in Taiwan,” says Leung. “It’s very hard to make good rice noodles.”

Those specially ordered noodles are intricately prepared to ensure the perfect texture, composition and flavor. They’re succulent without being overly wet, but are still slurp-able without being too dry. Accompanying the curry-flavored noodles are BBQ pork, shrimp, bell peppers and so much more — making it great as a full meal or an accompaniment to another Asian Mix fave.

A la carte items are also up for grabs, including full orders of fan-favorites Orange Chicken ($10.50) and Kung Pao Chicken ($10.50).

“You can always get steamed rice on the side,” Leung explains. “A lot of people will order two or three (a la carte items), and a noodle dish or fried rice dish to share.”

The outdoor seating at Asian Mix currently is unavailable, and Leung recommends phoning in orders of any size for any occasion. Also, make sure to don a face mask when placing an order or picking up to keep yourself and your dining neighbors safe.

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