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March 8, 2020

Story By: Brandon Bosworth |

Asian Mix’s Peach Green Tea ($4, at left) and Okinawa Milk Black Tea ($3.75; pictured with tapioca pearls for an additional 75 cents). FILE PHOTOS

Tucked beneath Beretania Safeway, Asian Mix has specialized in offering affordable Chinese, Japanese and local fare since opening its doors in 2012. The casual eatery’s extensive menu features rice, noodles, pork, lamb, beef, chicken, shrimp and fi sh, as well as various appetizers. The focus is on Hong Kong-style cuisine, which implements Chinese cooking with Western ideas. Most dishes are ready within 5-10 minutes.

In addition to the delicious food, Asian Mix offers an array of tasty teas to quench your thirst. For example, the creamy Okinawa Milk Black Tea ($3.75; pictured with tapioca pearls for an additional 75 cents) is prepared with brown-sugar syrup made in-house.

“Once people try it, they usually stick to it,” says owner Daniel Leung.

Want something a bit lighter? Leung calls the Honey Lemon Green Tea ($3.75) one of the “most refreshing drinks” on the Asian Mix menu.

“Honey and lime juice give it a special flavor,” he says, especially when combined with jasmine green tea. Another classic choice is Peach Green Tea ($4), a fruity amalgamation of flavored green tea filled with rainbow jellies.

“We brew our tea every four hours, so people can always enjoy fresh tea. We never use tea that has been sitting out all day,” Leung adds.

Honey Lemon Green Tea ($3.75)


Not a tea drinker? Asian Mix’s Iced Milk with Boba and Coffee Jelly ($4) is made just for you. “It’s very popular with people who just want the milk in boba tea, not the tea,” Leung says. Your choice of whole, 2 percent or soy milk is blended with tapioca pearls and rich coffee jelly. Each cup is sure to be fresh and strong, and is sweetened according to individual taste.

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