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March 1, 2020

Story By: Caroline Wright |

Grilled Miso Butterfish ($28) FILE PHOTOS

If you’ve ever tasted good tonkatsu, you know what a singularly delicious experience it can be. For some of the best katsu you’ll ever find, visit Rokkaku Hamakatsu, located on the second floor of Ala Moana Center. Don’t wait for your next shopping trip to check out the delights at this appealing eatery

It should come as no surprise that Rokkaku Hamakatsu’s parent company began as a Nagasaki tonkatsu shop in the 1960s. Now known as much for its noodles and izakaya dishes as for its tonkatsu, Japanese corporation Ringer Hut has more than 900 locations in Japan and Southeast Asia.

From lunch and dinner menus that feature sections with tonkatsu, donburi, noodle dishes, yakimono, agemono, kamameshi and more, there’s something for everybody at Rokkaku Hamakatsu.

Cooked over imported binchotan charcoal at dinnertime, Grilled Miso Butterfish ($28) is rich in miso flavor that perfectly accentuates the nuances of the butterfish. Between 30 and 50 plates of this delicious entree are served daily. It’s accompanied by hajikami (pickled pink ginger) and other garnishes.

Assorted Sashimi Platter (market price, adjustable upon customer’s request)

The gorgeous Assorted Sashimi Platter (market price) served here features a medley of the freshest seasonal delights, with most fish flown in directly from Japan. Platters are adjustable upon customer request, and the restaurant offers extravagant Omakasestyle sashimi as well as a la carte options.

Available for takeout only, the Katsu Sandwich ($9) is a satisfying treat whose textures and flavors you’ll love, made with fresh bread and a tender 100-gram pork fillet breaded with fresh panko from Japan.

For a representative taste of the tonkatsu served here, try the Berkshire Pork Loin Cutlet ($20). It’s enough to put this restaurant high on your list of favorites.

And when your cravings tell you it’s time to return for more, check out the Tonkatsu Hamakatsu ($30). This decadent platter features Berkshire pork, a Holland cutlet (cheese wrapped in ground pork), deep-fried shrimp, a chicken cutlet, and a pork fillet cutlet.

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