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March 15, 2020

Story By: Elima Pangorang |

Dino Galbi ($45, 2 pounds). File photo

Korean cuisine may not be the traditional fix during St. Paddy’s Day, but, the folks at Seoul Jung in Waikiki Resort Hotel invite hungry celebrants to stop in and fuel up before, during or after the holiday festivities.

To start, the Dino Galbi ($45) will have guests salivating just by its rich and savory aroma. It’s one of those shareable dishes that will have everyone in your party digging in as soon as it hits the table. It would be hard not to, seeing how it’s comprised of 2 pounds of succulent marinated long-boned short ribs that sit in a pool of mouthwatering juices that are just waiting to trickle out at the first cut. Accompanying the galbi are chopped veggies and a large grilled pineapple wedge.

Sizzling Stone Bibimbap ($20). Photo courtesy Seoul Jung

Another welcome addition to the meal is the Sizzling Stone Bibimbap ($20). It comes out piping hot with clouds of steam that carry irresistible smells throughout the dining room. The stone bowl comes packed with a rainbow of veggies such as bean sprouts, daikon, carrots, choy sum and much more, all atop a bed of white rice. Finally, a sunny-side-up egg creates the perfect topper to the colorful dish.

There’s much more to be discovered at Seoul Jung every day of the week, and each dish is prepared by the restaurant’s master chef who hails from Korea.

On top of enjoying delectable eats, diners can also take advantage of a $35 special wine deal (ask your server for details) and a 10 percent off kamaaina discount.


Spicy Citrus Braised Butterfish ($37). File photo

Don’t forget to add to your order Seoul Jung’s top seller, Spicy Citrus Braised Butterfish ($37). The gleaming dish offers a hint of tang from the citrus and a piquant flavor for a welcome kick. The soft, braised butterfish fillet melts on the tongue, and the accompanying compilation of daikon, tofu and rice cakes with jalapenos add a variety of textures. Finally, a green presentation of sprouts crowns the top for a pop of color.

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