Score some points with these festive party eats

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January 26, 2020

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: Genki Sushi

Garlic Chicken Bento To Go

Whether cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers, there’s one way for everyone to win, and that’s through providing the party with Genki Sushi’s party platters. With half a dozen different platter combinations to choose from, the restaurant makes it easy to please various palates.

Party Platter A

Party Platter A is a popular choice with sushi for vegetarians and seafood eaters. This set comes with 50 pieces of assorted sushi including Tekka Maki, Ahi, Ika, Tako and Ebi. Another great selection comes in Party Platter B comprising 42 pieces of several varieties including California Roll and Tamago.

Party Platter B

For something smaller that’s available on the go, opt for Genki’s bento sets. Customers can choose between the Ahi Set, Spicy Tuna Set, Tuna Salad Set and a Tamago Set. For some variety the Genki Sets 1-3 offer an assortment of multiple sushi. For example, Genki Set 1 offers spicy tuna, ika, tako, tobiko, unagi and tamago.

Chicken Karaage Bento To Go (File Photos)

Genki Sushi also has bento that offer the best of land and sea options. Take for instance, the Chicken Karaage Bento To Go, which offers spicy tuna poke with crisp chicken karaage. A Garlic Chicken Bento To Go also proves worthy with savory garlic chicken, maki sushi and inari sushi.

The options do not stop there with Genki Sushi. If customers have time to dine in, the eatery is popular for its kaiten sushi, which brings freshly prepared sushi and small plates straight to guests via a bullet express train or conveyor belt. It creates a fun dining experience for all ages. Genki’s extensive menu offers more than a 100 different dishes to enjoy. Stop in to any of its eight Oahu locations.

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