All That Matters Are Platters

Step Up to the Plate

December 15, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: TIMES SUPERMARKETS


It’s that time of the year to get the party started! And it’s surely never a real party without some super ono food.

If you find yourself in a crunch, it’s about “time” to relax — no, seriously, Times Supermarkets can help you relax with an array scrumptious, filling party platters.

There’s much to choose from and whichever one you do go for, it’s sure to excite taste buds. It’s the best of land and sea with Times’ platters that tend to diverse palates.

For example, stack on the cheese with an impressive selection in the Cheese Pleaser ($22.99 12-inch, $33.99 16-inch). It includes cubes of Havarti, cheddar, pepper jack and Swiss cheese, plus it is served with fresh pepperoni.

Or, go heavy on the meat with the Deluxe Meat Platter ($22.99 12-inch, $33.99 16-inch) boasting sleek cuts of Kretschmar Baked Virginia Ham, black forest ham, smoked and roasted turkey and Roast Beef.

You could also really ramp things up and go for the Deluxe Meat & Cheese for $27.99 for a 12-inch platter or $39.99 for the 16-inch platter — don’t forget to purchase a box of crackers on your way out of the store!

It doesn’t end there, the platter party continues with a Fresh Veggies combo ($16.49 12-inch, $24.99 16-inch) — sliced broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, cucumber, button mushrooms, grape tomatoes and ranch dipping sauce.

It’s nearly a given that you’re going to have to go to the grocery store at least once within the holiday season, so get that bird with two stones and pick up the groceries and your platters at the same time! For more information, check out the supermarket’s website.


Be the favorite guest at the party or the best host when providing with this glistening platter. The ahi is local fish from the auction, while the salmon is a special Scottish Lochlander Salmon exclusive to Times Supermarkets only. It comes with wasabi and shoyu — absolute “musts” when it comes to the sash!


This yakisoba comprises Spam, cabbage, bean sprouts, green onion, fish cake, eggs, fresh minced garlic and choy sum.

YAKISOBA ($18.49 12-INCH, $31.99 16-INCH)

It’s a tasty New Year’s Asian tradition that many celebrate: Long noodles for long life! Get yours piled high from Times. Advance notice of 24 hours required.


Sashimi platters come with 3 pounds of fish (can be combination or one type) and orders can be placed at any Times store via phone call or in person. The last day to order for Christmas is Dec. 19 (with pick up on Dec. 24), and last day to order for New Year’s is Dec.

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