Pretty poutine to hype up a trip to Seattle

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December 8, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang |

While poutine is widely considered Canada’s national dish, its neighbor, Washington state, also offers some great options. Traditionally comprised of cheese curds and gravy atop a pile of golden fries, there are a few Seattle restaurants that raise the bar in the poutine game by adding their own flair to this French-Canadian fare. Here’s the “dish” on where to get poutine when you’re not able to make it all the way to Canada.

1. Smith
332 15th Ave. E, Seattle
(206) 709-1900

Described as a neighborhood bar with an upscale menu, Smith has received rave reviews from the local community and with the press — the Eater Seattle recommended Smith in its Best Burgers in Seattle 2019 review, and it’s also a place of romance as datingexperts.com named Smith among the best 32 spots for a date in Seattle (plus many other recognitions).

But, back to the poutine, it is a true heart stealer here, as several variations are available to diners. There is a mini poutine during happy hour, plus a half or full poutine big enough to share on the dinner menu. Most popularly, Smith piles up its poutine with brisket that is brined for three days, smoked for six hours then braised for 12 hours — all prepared in house. Its gravy is made from the jus of the brisket preparation and has caramelized onions and herbs. Finally, the cheese curds are locally sourced and fries are also made in house. Stop in for brunch and get the brisket poutine with a sunny side egg on top to start your day.


2. Frank’s Oyster House & Champagne Parlor
2616 NE 55th, Seattle
(206) 525.0220

A continuously booming hot spot for locals and visitors, Frank’s Oyster House is the place to be for a good time with delicious bites and glorious sippers. As its name implies, Frank’s is Seattle’s hub for oysters, however, it is also equally known for cooking up some hefty burgers and golden fried chicken. Guests love taking advantage of its happy hour and late night menu as well. A definite popular item here is the poutine. Warm hand-cut fries that are made in house serve as the bed to local Beecher’s white cheddar and rich brown rosemary gravy. “The quality and care put into each ingredient reveals itself in the highly flavorful sum of its parts,” shares owner Sarah Penn. Check out Frank’s the next time you’re in the Emerald City, and you’re sure to be in for a tasty time.


3. Backyard
3820 S. Ferdinand St., Ste. 102
(206) 466-1475

As a beloved local sports bar, Backyard has everything to keep guests satisfied, from a stellar menu to bar activities like billiards, darts and karaoke. Named after the socially beloved backyard party, this pub provides good vibes for your crowd. The industrial-themed bar churns out some serious flavor, such as in its Brisket Poutine. The dish comprises crispy fries crowned with cheese curds, smoked brisket gravy, chipotle aioli and chives. Enjoy it with your favorite libation as Backyard offers a full bar.


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