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December 22, 2019

Story By: Brandon Bosworth | Photos by: File photos

Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($8.50

Tucked beneath Beretania Safeway, Asian Mix has specialized in offering affordable Chinese, Japanese and local fare since 2012. The extensive menu features rice, noodles, pork, lamb, beef, chicken, shrimp and fish, as well as various appetizers. The focus is on Hong Kong-style cuisine, which implements Chinese cooking with Western ideas. Most dishes are ready within five to 10 minutes.

“We’re trying to do restaurant-quality food, but we do so at a fast-food pace,” says Daniel Leung, owner and manager of Asian Mix. “You’re saving time, money and the portions are bigger.”

Wonton Noodle in Soup ($7.95)

Winter is here, and with it chillier, rainier weather. Few things are better on cool days than a warming bowl of soup — and Asian Mix has you covered with a variety of savory, slurp-worthy dishes.

First off, Wonton Noodle in Soup ($7.95) is made in house daily and features pork and shrimp combined in wonton wrappers served in a chicken-based broth. The Hong Kong-style noodles are ordered from California specifically for this wonton soup, and have a nice firmness that complements the softness of the wontons. Choy sum, char siu pork and green onions round out the soup.

Barbecue Pork and Cold Ginger Chicken on Rice ($10.50)

The hearty Roast Duck with Funn in Soup ($10.50) takes at least 24 hours to craft. Preparation starts with choosing the best-sized duck which then undergoes a multi-step cooking process to create the ideal texture and color. After the duck is cooked, it is surrounded by a special soup base and nestled among fresh vegetables such as green onions and choy sum.

“People love it because the duck meat is really tender,” says Leung. Patrons are welcome to substitute wonton or ramen noodles for funn.

Duck with Funn in Soup ($10.50)

Not in the mood for soup? A popular dish at Asian Mix is Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($8.50). Slender rice noodles, egg, shrimp, shredded pork, bean sprouts, green peppers and onion are stir-fried with Indian curry. This dish is relatively mild, but can be made spicier upon request.

Barbecue Pork and Cold Ginger Chicken on Rice ($10.50) includes pork that has marinated overnight in a barbecue sauce made by the chef in-house before being roasted for one hour. A honey glaze adds a subtle sweet taste. The chicken is coated in a ginger sauce made fresh along with green onion, hot oil, ginger and salt with a hint of pepper and sugar. The pork and chicken are served on bed of hot rice with hearty vegetables such as choy sum.

So, the next time you’re looking for a quick Chinese fix make a stop at Asian Mix, which offers convenience, quality and freshness.

Honolulu, HI 96814

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