Korean restaurant serves succulent signature dishes

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December 29, 2019

Story By: Don Robbins |

Tteok Manduguk ($18)

Serving genuine Korean cuisine in the heart of bustling Waikiki, Seoul Jung inside Waikiki Resort Hotel on Koa Avenue has everything it takes to satisfy customers’ cravings.

The elegant, spacious second floor restaurant featuring beautiful wooden tables provides customers with an array of healthy entrée choices partnered with vegetable side dishes — known as banchan — freshly prepared by the restaurant’s skilled chef from Korea.

Dino Galbi ($45 dinner only).

One wildly popular dish is the Dino Galbi ($45 dinner only), so hefty a portion that’s named with a humongous dinosaur in mind.

It consists of 2 pounds of hand-cut, marinated large boned short ribs. They are accompanied by juicy pineapple, onions and more. Meanwhile, Korean Style Braised Butterfish ($37 lunch and dinner) is another customer favorite.

Korean Style Braised Butterfish. ($37 lunch and dinner)

“Everyone knows these two are our signature dishes,” says Michelle Hwang, restaurant manager.

In addition, customers can also indulge in the traditional New Year dish of Korean rice cake and dumplings soup known as Tteok Manduguk ($18). The rice cakes and dumplings are simmered in a heart-warming broth. Kamaaina receive a 10 percent discount on Jan. 1.

Currently through Dec. 31, Seoul Jung is also running a Korean barbecue all-you-can-eat dinner ($29.95 regular, $15.95 keiki 5-9 years old). The first order starts at 5 p.m. and the last order is at 8 p.m. with a 90-minute time limit.


One of the eatery’s top sellers is the Korean Style Braised Butterfish ($37 lunch and dinner). The wonderfully tasty fish is braised along with ingredients such as tofu, daikon, tofu and rice cakes with jalapenos for some spice, bathed in a special sauce prepared by the chef and artfully garnished with sprouts. It’s paired with flavorful side dishes and rice to cap off a delightful meal.

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