A decadent start for the New Year

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December 15, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: STRIPSTEAK WAIKIKI

STRIPSTEAK uses only the finest cuts of beef.

It’s the end of a year and perhaps the perfect time for a little decadence. If you’re searching for a way to revel in style, STRIPSTEAK Waikiki, Michael Mina’s steak-house restaurant at International Market Place, offers a few magnificent options for your celebration. “I believe we’re the only restaurant on Oahu, maybe in the state, that offers three varieties of Sasanian caviar: Siberian Osetra, Royal Osetra, and Imperial Osetra,” says Scott Suemoto, STRIP-STEAK’s director of sales and marketing.

Traditional service is available for each type, which may be ordered by the ounce. For the ultimate treat, order the Luxury Caviar Flight ($155), which comes with all three varieties, plus housemade taro chips and classic accompaniments.

Instant Bacon ($22)

For a lower-key celebration that’s every bit as delectable, Michael Mina’s Caviar Parfait ($59) begins with a potato cake on the bottom, then a tier of smoked salmon, then egg mimosa, and finally a layer of creme fraiche topped with luscious Siberian caviar. “This dish has been so popular since we launched it!” says Suemoto.

Next, the sort of dish you dream about days after you try it: Instant Bacon ($22) is pork belly cooked to perfection with a soy glaze and topped with a tempura oyster. It’s smoked with kiawe wood chips in the dish in which it’s served.

Michael Mina’s Caviar Parfait ($59)

No celebration here would be complete without an extraordinary steak. Crossbred of Japan’s legendary Black Wagyu and the best American Black Angus stock, the Washugyu Ribeye ($145) is an absolute revelation. “With the marbling, this beef has the silkiness and smoothness of the Wagyu, and it blends those qualities with the texture of the Black Angus,” Suemoto marvels. “It’s our gold star. It’s amazing.”

As you’re making plans for your holiday meals, keep in mind that STRIP-STEAK Waikiki will offer a very special Prime Rib Christmas Eve/Christmas Day tasting menu for $95, featuring three courses and plenty of family style extras (including that delectable Instant Bacon!) Upgrade to a 14-oz. Washyugu New York Strip for just $35. And STRIP-STEAK’s New Year’s Eve Luxury Tasting Menu ($159) is every bit as awe-inspiring as you might expect. Naturally, caviar is featured in the first course, with Kusshi oysters, poached Kona lobster, and Kona abalone, followed by Hamakua mushroom risotto, then Surf & Turf with Washyugu filet mignon and vanilla butter-poached King crab. “This is everything you want to start the New Year on the right foot, with your stomach happy and full!” says Suemoto.

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