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December 15, 2019

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: File photos

Hawaiian Chip Co.’s sales associates Katie Peto and Nely Dela Cruz

When it comes to addictively tasty and freshly made snacks, Hawaiian Chip Co. definitely has customers covered. For example, the factory store sells taro chips, purple sweet potato chips or a mix of both, which are available Made To Order. They’re served while still hot, straight from the fryer, in either a paper bag ($6.75 for 5 ounces) or a pastry box ($17 for 1 pound). Hawaiian Chip Co. founder Jimmy Chan shares the company started 20 years ago with Chan selling sweet potato chips in bags at the Kam Drive-in Swap Meet.

The company expanded and although there were financial growing pains, with advice from local business leaders and support from the Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association (HFMA) whose website is foodsofhawaii.com, the Hawaiian Chip Company persevered.

“HFMA provided a network of peers from companies like Halm’s Enterprises, Menehune Mac, The Tea Chest and Hawaii Candy to name just a few. These companies, of varying stages and sizes, openly shared experiences, networks, and resources,” Chan says.

Made to Order Chips ($6.75 for 5 ounce bag featured in the “buy three, get one free” promotion and $17 for a 1 pound box)

This allowed the company to establish statewide wholesale distribution and the means to eventually buy the property where the factory store sits.

“I’m now on the HFMA board of directors and hope to support other companies establish and thrive as we build the Hawaii brand with a wide variety of food products,” Chan explains.

HFMA just launched its Flavors of Hawaii — a unique food guide to highlight foods made by over 60 companies in Hawaii so locals and tourists have a reference point for authentic flavors and experiences. This book is now available at the Hawaiian Chip Co. for $20 and other HFMA member stores for about the same price. The title sponsor is the Ulupono Initiative as the book lines up with its mission to promote locally produced food in Hawaii. The state Department of Agriculture is also a sponsor as it promotes its Buy Local, It Matters campaign, Chan notes.


Hawaiian Chip Co. currently has a featured special good until Dec. 31: Buy three Made To Order bags for $6.75 each and get one bag free. The chips are lightly salted and still hot when served. Customers then have the option of adding more seasonings like Maui Onion, Zesty Garlic, Furikake and more.

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