Celebrate the season with gingerbread waffles and more

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December 8, 2019

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Gingerbread Waffl e with Candied Pecans ($10.45)

Featuring a full menu of breakfast classics, mainland specialties and local favorites, Pancakes & Waffles B.L.D. has whatever it takes to satisfy your cravings.

The company has two convenient locations, one at City Square Shopping Center in Kalihi and the other at Waimalu Plaza Shopping Center serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner (B.L.D.)

“My husband, Jason, and I are the owners. We both were born and raised in Hawaii but attended college in the mainland,” says co-owner Juli Sung.

Two-piece Honey Butter Chicken & Waffles ($11.45). Photos courtesy Pancakes & Waffles B.L.D.

When they moved back home, they realized they couldn’t find any fried chicken and waffles eateries. Luckily, Jason was able to recreate a secret fried chicken recipe his parents used when they owned a fried chicken restaurant long ago, so they decided to open a restaurant.

“We opened in City Square Shopping Center in Dillingham in 2010 and people came from all over the island. And almost 10 years later, we are still most known for our fried chicken and waffles,” Sung explains.

Grilled Cheese Bene with Avocado Fries ($11.45)

Two-piece Honey Butter Chicken & Waffles ($11.45) at the eatery boast crispy fried chicken thighs on a golden waffle — definitely a flavorful mainland favorite. They can be ordered in two or three pieces of chicken and with brown gravy, country gravy or a sweet and savory version with honey butter.

Helping to celebrate the holiday season, Pancakes & Waffles B.L.D is currently featuring Gingerbread Waffle with Candied Pe-cans ($10.45). It’s a festive gingerbread spiced waffle, topped with lightly sweet and buttery candied pe-cans and a generous serving of whipped cream.

Another hearty, delec-table dish at the restaurant is the Grilled Cheese Bene with Avocado Fries ($11.45). This item consists of a choice of white or wheat bread grilled cheese sandwich, topped with a perfectly poached egg and covered in creamy hollandaise sauce. It is served with avocado fries and ranch dipping sauce. A side order of avocado fries with ranch is $6.25.

“Our 11-year-old daughter loves our eggs benedict. She also loves grilled cheese and avocado so this was the perfect way to combine all her favorites,” Sung notes.

Among the other delights on the menu are crepes, French toast, omelets, loco moco, burgers and more. The restaurant can also be found on Instagram at @pancakesandawaffleshawaii.

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