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November 3, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

7-Eleven Hawaii has become famous for quick, delicious treats — Slurpees, Big Bite hot dogs, taquitos, Spam musubi — that can be enjoyed by locals on the go.

And local folks love a great party, so Hawaii’s favorite convenience store will now offer some spectacular new salads and sandwich platters, for the holiday season.

With dishes, platters, and size options for every occasion, Hawaii’s favorite convenience store can provide pupus, sandwiches, and salads for holiday gatherings and any other event you choose. Just place your order at least one day in advance by 8 a.m. at any 7-Eleven Hawaii location. Choose from 66 convenient stores on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island (Hilo).

You can also grab drinks, ice, paper goods, and anything else you might need.

To help make Thanksgiving easier and tastier, 7-Eleven Hawaii will offer a special deal on Party Platters ordered between Nov. 18 and Dec. 1.

Receive $5 off when you purchase any two Party Platters from a delicious list that includes the Volcano Sushi Platter (45 pieces; feeds 10-12), Deluxe Sushi Platter (34 pieces, feeds 10-12); Local Fried Saimin (serves 10-12); and Oriental Chicken Bites (46 pieces; feeds 10-12), as well as Game Time Spam Musubi; the Signature Sandwich Platter; and the Grand Sushi Platter. Platters must be picked up by Dec. 2. Platters are priced higher on neighbor islands.

With 84 pieces, the Grand Sushi Platter serves 14-16 hungry guests and comes with 22 seafood salad maki, 20 shoyu tuna maki, 15 takuan hosomaki, 10 inari cone sushi, 15 cucumber hosomaki, and enough pickled ginger for everybody, ($31.99 on Oahu; $42.99 on neighbor islands.

With 22 pieces, the 1/2 cut Game Time Spam Musubi lets you share Hawaii’s favorite snack with friends and family. Perfect for parties of 10-12, this platter comes with plenty of takuan (pickled radish). It’s only $20.99 on Oahu ($28.99 on neighbor islands).

The Signature Sandwich Platter is ideal for a lunchtime meeting of eight to 10 people. It includes 24 quarter-cut sandwich triangles with tuna salad; egg salad; ham and American cheese; and turkey and Swiss cheese; as well as baby carrots and grape tomatoes, for $24.99 on Oahu ($29.99 on neighbor islands). Sandwiches are made with Best Foods mayonnaise, and bread baked fresh daily by La Tour Bakehouse.

For more information, visit 7ElevenHawaii.com or pick up a Party Platter brochure at your nearest store.


A smorgasbord of different flavorful tastes to suit any holiday party or any other special event is available on Oahu for $31.99 and on the neighbor islands for $42.99


If you’re looking for Tailgate Platters, 7-11 has a couple of champions for your next game. The Chicken Caesar Salad ($12.99 on Oahu; $16.99 on neighbor islands) feeds four to six friends and is a delicious and refreshing lighter meal. It’s loaded with Romaine lettuce, seasoned chicken breast, grape tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese, accompanied by croutons and Caesar dressing.


Enjoy this artfully arranged Game Time Spam Musubi platterwich for $20.99 on Oahu and $28.99 on neighbor islands.


Grab your chopsticks and get ready to feast on another tailgate favorite! 7-11’s Fried Saimin feeds four to six people and is made with carrots, cabbage, char siu pork, green onions, fish cake and eggs, all fried with yummy saimin noodles for a classic local treat for just $9.99 on Oahu, and $11.99 on the neighbor islands.

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