Be sure to go for some escargot

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November 3, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang |

If you’ve never tried escargot, then it’s about time you do. These edible snails are known for being tender, succulent and permeating with an herby, earthy flavor. The city of Seattle offers an array of unique dishes and is a popular destination to find a tasty helping of fresh escargot. Start your search off with these fine restaurants, which also present other lip-smacking plates to go along with specially prepared novelties.

1. RN74
1433 4th Ave., Seattle
(206) 456-7474

A Michael Mina restaurant, RN74’s name is coined from highway Route Nationale 74 running through Burgandy, France. The French eatery is a wine-centric hot spot that serves up some of Seattle’s best French flavors — and of course, this includes escargot. RN74’s Escargots a La Bordelaise dish features a unique take as it is served in a warm and flaky puff pastry with a parsley and crispy garlic streusel. Consistent with its name, the Burgundian snails are imported from France. Seattle locals and visitors frequent this sophisticated restaurant for its relaxing and warm vibe located in the heart of downtown. Its vast offerings feature seasonal and local ingredients with bold flavors in every bite.


2. Place Pigalle
Pike’s Place Market
81 Pike St., Seattle
(206) 624-1756

There’s no missing Place Pigalle when taking a trip to the Emerald City. Located in the ever-popular Pike’s Place Market, Pigalle’s gets a lot of foot traffic for its convenient locale and mouthwatering French dishes. Tack on an order of the eatery’s Escargot de Bourgogne to start off the meal. This savory dish is baked with tarragon butter, garlic, shallots and Pernod. It is accompanied by a toasty Grand Central Bakery French-style baguette. Diners may enjoy their emerald escargot and French dishes while sipping on a selection from Pigalle’s extensive wine list in its intimate dining room offering a charming old-world parlor with stunning views of the Ferris wheel and glassy bay.


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