Bask in the ‘Sun’ of wonderful cuisine at gem in Waikiki

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November 3, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Olive Oil Cake (part of the Taste of Mahina Menu) $65 (add $35 for wine pairing) (dessert changes daily)

Opened in the hip new Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club in April 2016, Mahina & Sun’s made a huge splash immediately upon its arrival here.

This eatery is a gem in the bustle of Waikiki. Dishes are made with organic ingredients and advanced techniques. The restaurant’s name, bestowed by original owner Sean Williams, reflects its focus on sustainability, with a nod toward “the sun and moon on the ocean,” and its treasures of seafood, explains general manager Lynette Eastman.

Kale Salad, Roasted Corn Risotto, Olive Oil Cake (dessert changes daily), He’e Beignets, Kahala Crudo and Grilled Opah (part of the Taste of Mahina Menu) $65 (add $35 for wine pairing)

“Mahina & Sun’s follows the Town philosophies of sustainability and fresh, local seafood, produce, and ingredients blended together for a wonderful culinary experience,” Eastman says.

Roasted Corn Risotto (part of the Taste of Mahina Menu) $65 (add $35 for wine pairing)

Directed by Town hospitality’s chef Ed Kenney (founder of Town, Mud Hen Water and Kaimuki Superette), Mahina & Sun’s offers a fresh experience that kamaaina will find delightful and fun. Every day, all day long, Mahina & Sun’s offers Happy Hour menu pricing to guests with ID who work in hospitality and food service. The restaurant’s live music program begins at 7 p.m. each evening and features local legends like Kelly Boy DeLima, Jeff Rasmussen and Weldon Kekauoha.

He’e Beignets (part of the Tast of Mahina Menu (add $35 for wine pairing)

And the food is magnificent. Executive chef (and local girl) Nani Kuloloia and a team that includes chef de cuisine Elvia Villatoro continue offering beloved dishes like Town’s Ahi Tartar and Mahina’s Family Feast (featuring whole deep sea snapper, mochiko-fried or steamed), while developing new favorites and instant classics.

Kale Salad (part of the Taste of Mahina Menu) $65 (add $35 for wine pairing)

“Our Taste of Mahina is the best way to experience Mahina & Sun’s,” says Eastman. “We decided to offer a prix fixe menu to help guests get a taste of our favorites. Every dish is different but very satisfying.” The tasting menu is priced at $65, with wine pairings for an additional $35.

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