Beef and brews rule in Portland

Destination Dining

October 20, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang |

Last week we dove into Portland breweries that quench the thirsts of adults in fun, refreshing ways, whether seeking bold or light flavors.

Well, maybe “brewskies” are not your thing, or you’d like some winning food to go along with your ice-cold tall one. Not to worry, because the Portland pubs we covered in the last issue also churn out some impressive, mouth-watering bites, too — we’re talking a full menu from pupus to desserts.

With such selection, Dining Out picked one item from the menu of these breweries that is arguably a majority-rules go-to — stacked, juicy burgers with a side of fries or stuffed with onion rings. So bib-up and get those hands ready to hold on to some hefty burgers found only in Stumptown. And, if you missed last week’s feature, visit us online to catch up at dining.staradvertiser.com.

1. Vagabond Brewing Portland
2715 SE 8th Ave., Ste. 175
(503) 946-8090

With a slogan like “Beer. Love. Adventure,” there’s no denying you wouldn’t find something to get taste buds going when walking into this lively establishment. And, ain’t that a fact with Vagabond Brewing Portland’s “Burger Mondays,” where diners can open wide for a burger, fries and a beer at just $10 — traveling is just as much about finding fabulous food as it is about finding the best deals to go with it. Vagabond has a “straight-forward comfort food” menu. General manager Kyle Jensen mentions the cuisine is “focused on smoked, preserved or fermented options, each built to complement the beer served.” He also adds, “Approachable portion sizes are a priority, as (the chef) offers quantities that satisfy the appetite without overwhelming.”


2. Von Ebert Brewing
131 NW 13th Ave., Portland
(also at Glendoveer Golf Course)
(503) 820-7721

Take the mundane out of Mondays with Von Ebert Brewing, which also jams out a Burger Monday Special. This falls in the Smoked Brisket Burger — getting mouths salivating at the mere mention of the name. This house ground 8-ounce burger comes with three options of Bacon and Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue; Swiss and Oyster Mushrooms; or Tillamook Cheddar, BBQ Sauce and crispy onions. Founder Tom S Cook comments that most of Von Ebert’s business is actually food (not beer), so the folks there take it very seriously — it’s also a nice touch that the pub’s chef also took the top spot in Food Network’s Iron Chef.


3. Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House
210 NW 11th Ave., Portland
(503) 296-4906

Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House’s kitchen is led by executive chef Jill Ramseier. She masterfully creates overflowing bad boys like the Brisket Burger that comes with thick slices of bacon and crisp onions in addition to a glistening, oozing brisket patty. “Our talented culinary team creates classic pub food taken to the next level,” says marketing communications specialist Erin Rankin.” Matching our brewers’ passion, they create dishes from scratch with the best possible local ingredients.”


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