Seattle soul-soothers to beat cold Northwest weather

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September 8, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang |

The Emerald City in Washington is known to have consistently chilly weather, which is why Seattle may be known for warm cuisine such as coffee and chowder. Also on that list is the light yet flavorful pho (pronounced “fuh”). As the national dish of Vietnam, the secret is in the soul soothing broth that is made from various protein and vegetable stock. The city is full of popular pho joints that have made their fame on social media and word of mouth, in addition to its great tastiness. Start your journey with these eateries and you’ll be sure to consume the best of the best found in this beautiful city.

1. Pho Bac
3300 Rainier Ave., Seattle
(Plus three other locations citywide)

Before becoming a pho restaurant, Pho Bac was a deli called Cat’s Submarine serving a variety of cold cut American sandwiches. The deli eventually made the switch when the regular Vietnamese customers requested pho from the deli’s Vietnamese owners. At Pho Bac, customers can be sure they will be slurping up the freshest and most authentic pho around. A popular bowl for customers is the steaming delight pictured here, the Classic Brisket and Steak Pho.


2. Pho Big Bowl
2248 NW Market St., Seattle
(206) 588-1249
Facebook: Pho Big Bowl Pho Restaurant

Pho Big Bowl did not receive its name only because its pho dishes are packed with big flavor, but also because of its oversized portions served in extra large bowls. The charming eatery located in the heart of bustling Northwest Market Street, which adds to its popularity, Pho Big Bowl has been the star of many Instagram and Facebook posts because of its big portions and is raved as some of the best pho in town by new and returning customers. Additionally, customers love Pho Big Bowl’s fresh chicken spring rolls and signature homemade peanut dipping sauce.


3. Ba Bar
550 12th Ave., Seattle
(Plus two other locations citywide)
(206) 328-2030

Spreading through Seattle as one of the hottest pho spots to be, Ba Bar is a friendly hangout that is open through the early hours of the morning on Fridays and Saturdays. The menu boasts traditional and creative pho bowls such as the Pho Tai Oxtail, Pho Vegan, Pho Tai Nam with beef brisket, Mi Vit Tiem with duck leg confit, and more. For a little bit of everything the Bun Bo Hue is the ultimate pleaser comprising spicy central Vietnamese soup, beef brisket, pork belly, pork shank, pork sausage, pork blood cake, banana blossom and shrimp sauce. Also making this eatery popular is its full service bar and happy hour specials.


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