Shibazuke pickles take the stage

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September 15, 2019

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: KOZO SUSHI

Shibazuke Musubi ($1.25 each)

When it comes to offering a host of Hawaii’s freshest and innovative sushi options, Kozo Sushi is definitely on a roll, and its revamped Kahala location features digital menu boards and a larger seating area for customers.

After undergoing an extensive rebuilding and rejuvenation update, Kozo Sushi’s Kahala restaurant reopened last August to rave reviews from local diners.

Among its innovative options is shibazuke — pickled eggplant, which is a traditional pickled food of Kyoto, Japan. This can be found in Kozo menu items such as the musubi and bento. Furthermore, with its refreshed menu, diners can check this Kozo Sushi with items available exclusively at the East Honolulu locale.

Salmon Skin Salad ($6.99)

Mini Bento ($6.79) includes deep-fried white fish with a sweet chili sauce as well as teriyaki sauce and green onions atop white rice and served with furikake, shibazuke pickles and egg.

Salmon Skin Salad ($6.99) is another exclusive item at the Kahala Kozo Sushi as the savory deep-fried salmon skin is created with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, masago, green onion, nori and a spicy sauce. Be sure to pick up a Shibazuke Musubi ($1.25 each) or two, as rice is blended with pickled cucumber and eggplant.

Mini Bento with shibazuke ($6.79)

Kozo Sushi continues to provide great value via quality selections and stellar service at a reasonable price. The sushi recipes blend traditional Japanese flavors and preparation techniques with more mainstream and local flavors and accents that appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences, while new items are constantly introduced to keep the menu fresh.

Kozo Sushi also offers a host of Party Plates designed to please attendees at any occasion, including family gatherings, tailgate parties and business functions. Diners are reminded that there are items on the menu that don’t include raw fish, and that are perfect for those with vegetarian diets.

Honolulu, HI 96816

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