Palates ‘bao’ down to these bites

A La Carte

September 22, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: THE MANDALAY

Seafood in Taro Basket ($21.95 small)

Dining on Xiao Long Bao ($7.95), the soup dumplings served at The Mandalay, can be a little tricky for the uninitiated. “The inside is filled with meat and broth, and the broth is very hot so you have to be very careful and eat them with a spoon,” says Larry Chan, who owns the heralded Alakea Street restaurant with his wife, Linda. “They’re very popular!” But once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these tasty little pockets of heavenly flavor.

Xiao Long Bao ($7.95)

Known as Shanghai dumplings, Xiao Long Bao is a true delicacy, served five to an order in a bamboo basket, and like all of Mandalay’s dim sum, handmade fresh daily.

Mandalay’s Honey Garlic Pork Chop ($13.95), another celebrated favorite, is always available. It’s deep-fried until crispy, tender, and nicely browned, and then tossed in sauce made in house with honey and minced garlic.

Peking Duck ($38 whole)

Perfectly impressive for your next family dinner, Peking Duck, served with soft buns, green onions and plum sauce, is always a crowd pleaser. Order the whole bird for $38 or a half for $20.

And the elegant Seafood in Taro Basket is a lovely dish for ohana-style dining. Priced at $21.95 for parties of four to six, or $40 for parties of 10, the taro basket overflows with a delectable assortment of fish, scallops, shrimp and vegetables like Chinese peas and carrots. And when you’re all done eating this delectable stew? “The taro basket can be eaten, of course!” says Chan.

Honey Garlic Pork Chop ($13.95)

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