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August 25, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: Anthony Consillio

KC Drive Inn Waffle Dog ($3.95 each)

Waffle dogs from KC Drive Inn… limu ahi bowls from Poke Stop… “rainbowls” from Rainbow Drive-In… arare from Lin’s and shave ice from Shimazu!

Is your mouth watering? Start making plans for a trip to Hawaii’s Favorite Kitchens, where you’ll find a one-stop shop full of ono flavors from some of Honolulu’s best-loved hangouts and drive-ins!

Located on Castle Street in Honolulu, Hawaii’s Favorite Kitchens opened five years ago as a complement to Rainbow Drive-In right next door. “We decided to partner with a few local restaurants that offer popular local favorites,” says CEO Christopher Iwamura. “Each is able to offer a variety of foods and showcase some of their best dishes.”

Small Shave Ice with condensed milk ($5.75 as shown)

Participating restaurants now include Rainbow Drive-In, Poke Stop, Shimazu Shave Ice, and KC Drive Inn.

For $3.95, the world-famous KC Drive Inn Waffle Dog is a savory wiener coated in waffle batter and toasted till crispy. And nothing’s better on a sweltering summer day than a Shimazu Shave Ice ($5 small). Top your shave ice with up to three flavors (from a list of more than 80) and add toppings like li hing powder and condensed milk for a small additional fee.

A company called Hawaii Nostalgia adds a retro feel to the operation, offering apparel with pictures of popular locations and old hangouts like Chunky’s in Moililili and Alex Drive-In, the last carhop diner on Oahu. “And we now offer a selection of Lin’s Hawaiian Snacks,” says Iwamura. “Some of our bestsellers include arare, gummy candies and pretty much everything with li hing mui!”


The amazing Waffle Dog was first served in the late 1920s at KC Drive Inn in Waikiki, an early car-hop diner whose waitresses delivered trays of dogs and shakes to customers in their automobiles. After it closed in 2005, diehard fans could only get their waffle dog fix at bon dances and occasional pop ups. Thanks to Hawaii’s Favorite Kitchens, KC Waffle Dogs are available once again! Try them with Rainbow Drive-In’s homemade chili.

Honolulu, HI 96815

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