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August 11, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Baked Stuffed Shrimp ($43)

When Scott Okamoto first became general manager of Chart House Waikiki 31 years ago, he asked owner Joey Cabell what he could do to make the place better.

“Joey told me to make it fun for all our guests, all of our staff, and me, too!” remembers Okamoto. “I try to make it fun for everyone!”

As general manager and partner, Okamoto has managed to create a delightful atmosphere at this much-loved landmark eatery, located right on the Waikiki marina. “Our menu is quite substantial, and we have a great lounge and menu,” he says. “The feel of our restaurant is relaxing, warm, and friendly, and there are beautiful views.”

Ahi Mignon ($41)

With live music that kicks off just before sunset, every night of the week, performed by a rotating lineup including legends like Kimo Kahoano, Bobby Ingano, Billy Beimes, and more, Chart House delivers a wonderful experience with every delicious meal it serves.

Menu highlights include Grass-Fed Bison Tenderloin ($55, 8-ounce). Sweet, low in fat, and incredibly tender, these tenderloins come from Turner Ranches, located across several mainland states, where Ted Turner farms 55,000 head of bison. There’s also Big Island Aba-lone Doré ($78), grown on the Kona Coast. Delicate and rich, the abalone are gently pounded, dipped in egg wash, then pan-fried and served with chef Randy’s lemon beurre blanc sauce and capers.

Grass-Fed Bison Tenderloin ($55, 8-ounce). Photo courtesy Chart House Waikiki

Practically irresistible, the Ahi Mignon ($41) begins with auction-fresh big-eye tuna, flash-marinated in ginger and soy, then grilled rare and served with butter sauce for dipping. And then there’s the Baked Stuffed Shrimp ($43), stuffed with Dungeness crab meat and topped with Hollandaise, a dish created by the restaurant’s first chef 51 years ago, and legendary among regulars for its spectacular richness and flavor.

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