Say ‘aloha’ to ono grinds

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August 25, 2019

Story By: Kyle Galdeira | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

Kalua Pig Wrap ($8.95)

At Haili’s Hawaiian Foods, diners are encouraged to share aloha, and it’s easy to do after enjoying the iconic delicious local food made fresh daily. “Hawaii’s favorite Hawaiian food” can be found at Haili’s, which is situated conveniently on Kapahulu Avenue at the intersection with Palani Avenue (parking is available on Winam Street). The third-generation family restaurant continues to serve up poi, poke, chicken long rice, lomi salmon and a host of traditional Hawaiian food, local favorites and modern influences.

“My five older sisters and I have carried on the tradition, and we’ve all played a part in the business,” says Lorraine Haili-Alo, the second-generation owner who now guides the operation after her mom and dad opened the business in 1950 at the Ward Farmer’s Market. “It’s very important because the tradition shows who we are as a family, and because we’re Native Hawaiian, it’s important to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

Da Big Kahuna ($18.95)

“I still prepare the food in the traditional Hawaiian way, that’s how I was brought up. Everything is how I would expect and like it to taste — we don’t cut corners. I keep it real and my loyal customers appreciate that.”

Da Big Kahuna ($18.95) is the ultimate Hawaiian plate featuring laulau, chicken long rice, lomi salmon, kalua pig, poke, haupia, pineapple, sweet potato and poi. One can’t go wrong with the Combo Plate ($16.95) as this impressive assortment includes laulau, and another choice of beef, tripe or pastele stew, lomi salmon, rice, poke, haupia, pineapple and sweet potato.

Pastele Hawaiian Bowl ($9.25)

Get wrapped up with a flavorful Kalua Pig Wrap ($8.95) as a tortilla is filled with kalua pig, carrots and cabbage. The wrap is served with tortilla chips, house-made mango salsa, haupia, pineapple and sweet potato.

The Pastele Hawaiian Bowl ($9.25) features Haili’s famous concoction that is prepared with a special blend of seasonings and plenty of aloha. The bowl is full of the zesty stew atop rice and accompanied by fresh cut onion, pineapple and sweet potato.

Haili’s also offers specialty items including Prune Mui ($8), Kulolo (market price, flown in on Thursday from Kauai), Premium-Cut Dried Aku ($38.50 per pound, available in smaller pieces), Ake (raw beef liver, $25 per pound, smaller quantities available), Lomi ‘Oio ($17 per pound), Raw Squid ($25 per pound) and Limu Kohu ($20 per pound) made fresh in house.

Call on Haili’s to cater one’s special event, corporate function or party. Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice and call 735-8019 for more information, including menu possibilities.

The Aloha Festivals celebration is coming up in September, so be sure to get in the spirit at Haili’s!

Honolulu, HI 96816

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