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August 11, 2019

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Roasted Duck with Funn in Soup ($10.50) FILE PHOTOS

Daniel Leung’s passion to open his own restaurant came while partnering for 20 years at a full-service, sit-down restaurant. Leung loved it so much that he decided to venture into an exciting direction with his Asian Mix eatery on Beretania Street.

Leung’s highly popular shop located below Safeway with ample parking gives customers the same caliber of food as dine-in restaurants. However, it also offers them swifter service and more affordable prices.

Choices in cuisine emphasize Chinese, Japanese and other favored local menu flavors and Asian Mix does a brisk takeout business. Known for mixed plates, big bowls of soup, ramen and more, Asian Mix appeals to a wide range of tastes.

Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($8.50)

For example, it earns acclaim among its customers for the luscious, flavorful taste of its meat dishes. This includes the Roast Duck with Funn in Soup ($10.50). The heartily portioned tender duck dish takes at least 24 hours to craft and starts with choosing the best-sized duck.

Owner Daniel Leung emphasizes that the duck then undergoes a multi-step cooking process to create the perfect texture and hue. In addition, he emphasizes that the sauce used to flavor the duck is a secret recipe that people adore.

After the duck is cooked, it is surrounded by a special soup base and nestled among fresh vegetables such as green onions and choy sum. Leung says funn serves as the perfect kind of noodle to accent this item, but adds that patrons are welcome to substitute wonton or ramen noodles.


A dish cherished by customers at Asian Mix is Singapore Style Rice Noodle ($8.50). It focuses on skinny rice noodles, pieces of tasty egg, shrimp, shredded pork, bean sprouts, green peppers and onion. They are stir-fried with Indian curry, and owner Daniel Leung shares that the flavor typically is mild but if customers wish it to be kicked up more, it can be modified to their preferred level of spiciness.

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