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July 14, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright | Photos by: ANTHONY CONSILLIO

A5 Steak Selections
Manager Asami Saka presents A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon, front, and A4 Wagyu Sirloin

“Osusume” is a lovely Japanese word that means recommendation, suggestion or encouragement.

The word is a perfect description for Restaurant Suntory’s Chef’s Osusume Kaiseki Course, an extraordinary feast that features some of the best items from the restaurant’s spectacular menu.

“These are all items recommended by the chef,” says manager Asami Saka. “There’s a little bit of everything!”

Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin

This very special meal has long been available as “sort of a secret menu,” Saka confides. “And because it’s been so popular we decided to put it on our grand menu, at our customers’ repeated requests.”

Under the direction of executive chef Go Kamikubo, Suntory’s new grand menu will come out in a few weeks, but the Osusume Kaiseki Course is available now. This glorious repast begins with the Hawaiian Appetizer Sampler — presently a lovely assortment that contains Kona abalone, Macadamia Nut Tofu, Heart of Palm Salad, Pipikaula and Misoyaki Cream Cheese.

Hawaiian Appetizer Sampler
Part of Chef’s Osusume Kaiseki Course Menu, $120 per person, dinner only

Next, you’ll enjoy the Chef’s Special Selection Sashimi, with four or five different cuts of the finest, freshest fish available. The sashimi is followed by a Seafood Shumai, a delectable little dumpling. Then, the steak-lover’s delight: a Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin.

“With the sirloin, you’re given a hot stone plate, so you can cook it at your pace, to your own taste,” explains Saka.

Sauteed Kona Abalone

That mouthwatering sir-loin is followed by a serving of Ebi Shinjo, Suntory’s famed deep-fried shrimp cake. “It’s made with a really special recipe that’s loved by everybody who tastes it,” Saka says. “It’s very much like a traditional seafood cake, but we also add minced garlic and onion. It’s really simple, but so ono.”

Functioning as a palate cleanser, Seafood Sunomono contains scallops and octopus with cucumbers and seaweed in a sweet vinegar sauce. It’s good preparation for the next course: Sauteed Kona Abalone, delectably cooked in butter.

Seafood Sunomo

Chef Go’s Special Sushi Selections of the Day, an assortment of five pieces, follows the abalone, and a serving of Red Miso Soup ends the meal’s savory courses. Suntory always seems to provide the perfect sweet ending for this fantastic meal, whether it’s zenzai, almond tofu, sweet grapefruit jelly or matcha pudding.

Priced at $120 per person, Chef’s Osusume Kaiseki Course is Restaurant Suntory’s uniquely traditional gourmet Japanese feast. Formerly only available as a “secret menu,” the course will be on the restaurant’s grand menu starting next month — but you’re cordially invited to try it right now.

Assorted Sushi

Note: Items 1-4 are part of Chef’s Osusume Kaiseki Course Menu, $120 per person, dinner only


A closer look at A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon and A4 Wagyu Sirloin (available as entree items)

Known for its delicious Wagyu sirloin, Restaurant Suntory has introduced a new cut of the world-famous Japanese beef. ~ e Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon is available as an entree in a 4-ounce cut ($108) or an 8-ounce cut ($206). ~ e richly marbled ° let is accompanied by green salad, shrimp appetizer, grilled vegetables, rice, miso soup, and as a sweet ending, ice cream. For an extra charge, add-ons include Seafood Combination (shrimp and scallops) Lobster Tail, or the Gourmet Suntory Course, which includes Big Island abalone, live Maine lobster, and foie gras teriyaki.

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