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July 7, 2019

Story By: Lynsey Beth Futa |

1. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
321 East 14th St.
(And many other locations in
New York and across the U.S.)
(212) 228-2004

Photo courtesy Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Although the name might confuse you, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza is a definite New York favorite for locals and tourists alike. And though the eatery doesn’t share the same rooted history as other pizzerias, this new kid on the block is growing quickly across New York with multiple locations, as well as two storefronts in California. Snag a slice of Artichoke pizza, which features a thick cream sauce, artichoke hearts, spinach, mozzarella and Pecorino Romano cheeses.

Or opt for the square-shaped Vodka slice, which oozes a rich vodka and cream sauce and a mixture of Italian cheeses.

2. Ovest Pizzoteca
513 West 27th St.
(212) 967-4392

Photo by Lynsey Beth Futa

A subset of the famous Luzzo’s, Ovest Pizzoteca presents a sit-down pizza experience, which many New Yorkers aren’t accustomed to. Still, the neighborhood establishment offers something that many other pizza places don’t: Authentic Neapolitan pizza. With the classic wood and brick oven blasting maximum heat, 12-inch pies come flooding out at rapid speeds. Enjoy Bufala with mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil, or Diavola, which features the same ingredients but with spicy salami added on top. Ovest also has unique Pizza a Cono, or cone-shaped pizzas, stuffed with goodies such as prosciutto and artichokes.

3. Lombardi’s
32 Spring St.
(And one other location)
(212) 941-7994

Photo by Lynsey Beth Futa

Recognized as “America’s First Pizzeria,” Lombardi’s has been satisfying patrons since 1905. Serving up classic New York-style pizza, the family restaurant remains a household name with two pie options, including Original Margherita and Our White Pizza. Each of these can be topped with a range of toppings. After a century of business, Lombardi’s is definitely doing something right.

4. Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine St. (And four other
(212) 366-1182

Photo courtesy Joe’s Pizza

Established in 1975 by a Naples-born entrepreneur named Joe Pozzuoli, this no-fuss pizzeria remains a staple pizza joint in a city full of pizza joints. What makes Joe’s so special? Many would agree that it’s the simple approach that the establishment takes to ensuring authentic pizza every time. This means a very small menu, including favorites such as Plain Cheese Pie and Fresh Mozzarella Pie. Of course, you always can add any number of fresh toppings, including veggie and protein options, but sticking with the classics is always a good choice. On the go? Grab a slice, and don’t forget to fold it — it’s the New York way.

5. Juliana’s
19 Old Fulton St.
(718) 596-6700

Without fail, Juliana’s always has a line outside its doors. And it’s easy to understand why. Not only has the pizzeria proven itself worthy competition — having set up a successful business right next to famous Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn — but people can’t stop raving about the pizza! Like the other New York pizza joints, Juliana’s has a small list of pies to choose from, which you can then customize with the toppings of your choice. Start with a base of Margherita Pizza for an extra-cheesy bite, or select White Pizza for a satisfyingly garlic punch. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Photo courtesy Juliana’s

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