Getting creative with Japanese cuisine

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June 23, 2019

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: Bozu Japanese Restaurant

Lobster Tempura Roll ($19.50)

Located on the second floor of McCully Shopping Center, Bozu Japanese Restaurant has been pleasing its customers with flavorful cuisine since opening three years ago. The restaurant boasts a variety of choices on its menu, from solid traditional dishes such as sushi rolls and sashimi, tempura and udon, to a myriad of creative Japanese dishes.

“We will continue to create a space where our customers can relax and we will continue to provide delicious dishes,” said owner/chef Katsuhiro Hoshi. “We aim for a restaurant where you can have a good time.”

Yamaimo and Sea Urchin Beef Roll ($16 for three pieces)

Indeed, among the innovative and delectable items that provide the good vibes at Bozu is the Yamaimo and Sea Urchin Beef Roll ($16 for three pieces). The chef rolls yams with Shiso (Japanese basil) and combines them with seared beef. Everything is topped with the sea urchin and wasabi and accompanied by a ponzu sauce dip.

Taro Chips and Spicy Tuna Tumami ($14.50)

A crispy choice available for those who favor some crunch with their meal is the Taro Chips and Spicy Tuna Tumami ($14.50). First the chef slices Hawaiian taro which is fried to make chips. Then, Hawaiian tuna gets mixed with masago and a homemade spicy mayonnaise sauce. The mixture is accompanied by pieces of avocado that can be placed on the chips.

Sushi lovers can opt for the restaurant’s signature Bozu Special Roll ($21.50). This consists of futomaki sushi wrapped with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, crab meat, avocado and cucumber. The roll is cut into eight pieces and garnished with seasoned salmon roe on top.

Bozu Special Roll ($21.50)

A fourth indulgent menu item at the establishment is the Lobster Tempura Roll ($19.50). It is crafted with futomaki sushi wrapped with lobster tail tempura, lettuce, cucumber and avocado. This elegant dish is drizzled with unagi sauce and spicy mayonnaise.

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