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Destination Dining

May 5, 2019

Story By: Lianna Mccurdy |

From staple hot chicken to unique fried chicken recipes served up with a modern chef’s twist, Nashville, Tennessee is a fundamental stop for all things crispy, fried, and cooked to juicy perfection.

1. Husk
(615) 256-6565

Executive Chef Katie Coss redefines fried chicken in her kitchen, offering a unique plate lunch to avid eaters: HUSK Fried Chicken with Secret Spices. Each dish at Husk highlights the essence of Southern cuisine, utilizing seasonal ingredients only found in the region.

Photo courtesy of Husk

2. Party Fowl
(615) 624-8255

A spicy and simple take on Nashville’s notable dish, Party Fowl presents: Hot Chicken. A half-bird, coated in spices delivering an authentic balance between heat and flavor, is served on Texas toast with sides of dill pickles and coleslaw.

Photo courtesy of Party Fowl

3. Pepperfire
(615) 582-4824

The AppleJack, Pepper-fire’s signature dish, shines a spotlight on traditional Nashville Hot Chicken. Three hot chicken tenders, fried and seasoned spectacularly, are plated atop a deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich. Drizzled with cinnamon apples, this entree is a compilation of sweet, spicy and savory. Photo courtesy of Pepperfire

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