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April 7, 2019

Story By: Caroline Wright |

Surf and Turf Platter with shrimp and chicken ($16.14, add $1 for mashed cauliflower). File photo

For people who are trying to stick to a diet, Jose Arias, corporate executive chef at GRYLT, has just what you need.

“A lot of people come into our restaurant asking: ‘What can I eat? I’m on the Keto Diet, or I’m on DASH for hypertension…'” he says. “So I did some research and wrote down some plates you can have on these diets.”

Diet: Keto
Shrimp, salmon, chicken, steak
Cauliflower mash
Vegetable: Grilled baby romaine wedge
Sauce: Citrus herb, roasted garlic chili
Suggested Items: Surf and Turf Platters ($16.14); Burger with lettuce substituted for bun

Diet: DASH (ask for no added salt!)
Proteins: Chicken, salmon, ahi, tofu
Starch: Smashed potato
Vegetable: Grilled baby romaine; garden veggies
Sauce: Balsamic vinegar and oil
Suggested Items: Grilled plates, Seafood Trio

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