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March 24, 2019

Story By: Kyle Galdeira |

Beef Broccoli ($11.25)

Little Village Noodle House has built a loyal following over the past 17 years, and both new and returning guests will attest that the eatery’s meals and family-friendly atmosphere are top-notch.

General manager David Chang gets nostalgic when thinking about the people who “grew up” eating at Little Village Noodle House, and return as adults.

Whether they are professionals stopping by for lunch, or dropping by for dinner while in Hawaii on vacation, the Little Village legacy lives on.

Dried String Beans ($10.50)

“Our customers can bring their kids and pass on the tradition of dining here to the next generation for them to enjoy,” says Chang. “If they hold on dearly to something like visiting our restaurant, it’s important to pass that feeling on.”

From its home in the heart of Chinatown — tucked away in downtown Honolulu — Little Village Noodle House continues to garner critical acclaim by offering award-winning Chinese cuisine in a comfortable setting. By utilizing a primarily Northern Chinese approach to cooking, the restaurant cuts useless calories by focusing less on thick gravies that mask natural flavors, and instead creates stellar sauces and bold flavors throughout each meal.

“We want customers to rediscover the restaurant because we offer a lot of value, quality ingredients and great service,” says Chang. “We cook everything to order, and if you haven’t had a chance to try our dishes, now is a great time to check us out. You’re always going to get a good meal here!”

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce ($10.25)

Beef Broccoli ($11.25) is an iconic Chinese combination as fresh broccoli and tender beef are tossed in a special soy sauce. Mu-Shu Roll ($7.75 for three pieces) offers a choice of pork, chicken or egg with cabbage wrapped in a thin crepe and served with hoisin sauce.

Dried String Beans ($10.50) is a creation that is wok-fried under high heat with Little Village’s chili garlic sauce, and the tasty dish is available with minced pork as well.

Ma Po Tofu ($10.25) can also be made with minced pork if a guest so chooses, and the delicious tofu cubes are simmered in a rich soybean paste that is crafted with spices to add an extra kick to each bite.

“These are key items that have helped us carry on the tradition since we opened in 2001, and they all capture the flavor of what we’re about,” says Chang. “The restaurant was never meant to be formal, and we focus on being a family gathering place — we offer family-style dining, and our dishes reflect that.”

Little Village gives diners a big reason to make the trip into downtown Honolulu as lunch and dinner are served daily, and the restaurant’s friendly staff is standing by to make the experience a memorable one.

Healthy, Flavorful Items Grace Little Village’s Menu

Little Village Noodle House is known for its savory chicken, beef, pork, seafood and noodle dishes. However, the restaurant also offers a wide selection of vegetarian options, and can accommodate requests to replace meat with tofu or extra vegetables for most of the additional menu offerings. Little Village’s popular Eggplant with Garlic Sauce ($10.25) features tender eggplant that is stir-fried with chilis and a special garlic sauce, resulting in a dish that is as beautiful as it is tasty.

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