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March 24, 2019

Story By: Lianna Mccurdy |

Due to San Diego’s close proximity to Baja California, the city draws its food inspiration from the culinary prowess of Mexico. Considered one of the best areas for fish tacos in the nation, San Diego restaurants prepare the seafood dish in honor of the original Baja fish taco. Foodies can find fish tacos fried or grilled, garnished with refreshing items such as cabbage or pico de gallo, and served on steaming hot corn tortillas.

1. Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill
3667 India St.
(619) 497-0914


Photo courtesy of Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill

Blue Water Seafood’s fish tacos are prepared to order with your choice of fresh-caught, hand cut fish (up to 16 options available). Layered upon corn tortillas from the famous El Indio, smoky grilled chipotle fish is topped with shredded cabbage, crisp onions, cheddar cheese, and homemade Baja-style crema sauce.

2. Casa Guadalajara
4105 Taylor St.
(619) 295-5111 casaguadalajara.com

Photo courtesy of Casa Guadalajara

Battered and fried to a crisp or grilled to perfection, Casa Guadalajara’s fish is served taco-style with classic ingredients. Green and purple cabbage, salsa blanca, and pico de gallo complement the restaurant’s pescado blanco (white fish), accompanied by a side of black beans and cilantro lime fiesta slaw.

3. Pacific Beach Fish Shop
1775 Garnet Ave.
(858) 483-1008

Photo courtesy of Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Pick your favorite fish taco combination at the PB Fish Shop. Grilled fish (options include Mahi Mahi and Sea Bass) is primed with seasonings like the special “Fish Shop Seasoning,” a Cajun dry rub with brown sugar, and paired with shredded cabbage, mixed cheeses, and house-made cilantro white sauce.

4. Fish 101
2101 San Elijo Ave.
(one of two locations)

(760) 230-1021

Photo courtesy of Fish 101

Fish 101’s fish tacos are made fried or grilled and plated with the essentials: cabbage, pico de gallo, crema, guacamole, and tomatillo salsa. After hitting the beach in Cardiff or Leucadia, hungry mouths agree these tacos perfectly complement a sunny SoCal day.

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