It’s time to ready your chopsticks for traditional, oishii flavors

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March 3, 2019

Story By: Elima Pangorang | Photos by: KOZO SUSHI

Deluxe Nigiri Set ($36.99)

Sushi is a delicious favorite among many, but few may know that there is a proper way to consume these celebrated culinary bites.

According to Japanese tradition, sushi eaters should do three main things. The first is to eat the whole piece in one bite to experience all the flavors and textures together, not separately. Secondly, only the fish should be dipped in soy sauce, not the rice, because it absorbs too much sauce, resulting in overpowering the flavors of the seafood. Lastly, the ginger is not just there for decoration. Diners are encouraged to consume the ginger as a palate cleanser between pieces.

Deluxe Maki Set ($29.99)

Whether you already knew these tips or were unfamiliar with them, test the wise advice out at Kozo Sushi.

The eatery has been serving the people of the island both traditional and modern sushi delights from rolls to nigiri. Customers can also find much more than just sushi on the menu. Other options to dig into are donburi, bento, noodles and a variety of combo sets.

Additionally, the team at Kozo Sushi is sure to provide all who walk through its doors with healthy food items, such as sushi rice with no MSG and vegetarian dishes like Veggie Handroll and Tofu Poke Don.

Kahala Special Plate ($39.99)

Since making it on the menu just a couple of years ago, Tofu Poke Don ($6.99) has skyrocketed in popularity with its balance in flavor and texture. Avocado and tofu cubes make for a soft texture, while cucumbers, green onions, nori and sesame seeds add a little bit of refreshing crisp. It is all mixed with Kozo Sushi’s signature poke sauce. The bowl comes with customers’ choice of sushi rice, brown or white rice, or lettuce.

Finally, the Japanese spot whips up a grand selection of party platters that are as vibrant and colorful as they are bursting with flavor. It’s an easy way to win the hearts of everyone at a gathering.

If you need a little help deciding on which assortment to get, go for the eatery’s Deluxe Maki Set ($29.99) which comes with a whopping 52 pieces of different Makimono, Hosomaki, Shinko Maki and Inari sushi.

Deluxe Nigiri Set ($36.99) is another people pleaser with a total of 45 pieces, consisting of ahi, ika, egg, negitoro, ikura, masago, ebi, unagi and salmon nigiri. There are also tekka, cucumber and shinko maki cucumber Hosomaki pieces.

When patrons stop into Kozo Sushi’s Kahala location, they can find Kahala Special Plate ($39.99), a very popular platter that comes with 46 pieces of unique maki including BLT Maki and several nigiri.

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