Diners can go for ‘gold’ at beloved eatery

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March 3, 2019

Story By: Don Robbins | Photos by: LAWRENCE TABUDLO

Sizzling Platter Chinese Style Steak Slices ($9.95)

Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant on North King Street stands as a shining example of Chinese cuisine that’s so flavor packed, it’s “good as gold” to your waiting taste buds.

Manager Gar y Lam shares that the popular Chinatown restaurant opened in 2001, and it is family-owned and operated. Lam adds that his father, Howard, has more than 50 years of professional cooking experience.

String Beans with Chicken and Black Bean ($7.95)

This landmark eatery serves a variety of extremely popular goodies, including a huge assortment of affordable, bite-sized dim sum choices, like Baked Manapua, Shumai (pork hash) and Har Gau (shrimp dumpling). Lam suggests that families with keiki can stop into the restaurant during spring break to explore Chinese roots and culture through sharing some small, tasty dim sum portions.

This esteemed eatery also serves an array of other mouthwatering items in addition to dim sum, including a variety of seafood, meat and veggie dishes.

Salt and Pepper Squid ($8.50)

For example, a current special seasonal promotion is String Beans with Chicken and Black Bean ($7.95). The delicious dish is stir-fried using the traditional Chinese style of preparation using high, fast heat. This keeps the string beans crunchy but perfectly cooked. The beans are expertly combined with tender, juicy chicken, green onions, sliced carrots, minced garlic and black bean sauce to round out the flavor.

“This is reminiscent of home-style dishes,” explains manager Lam.

A treat from the sea, Salt and Pepper Squid ($8.50) on the regular menu attracts hungry customers with its delightful taste. The squid is dipped in a house-made batter, deep fried, and combined with diced chili pepper, green onions and a salt-spice mix. Lam notes that the squid is wonderfully crispy on the outside but very soft on the inside.

“It’s not chewy at all. It’s very tender,” Lam adds.

Another awesome dish on the regular menu is Sizzling Platter Chinese Style Steak Slices ($9.95). Among its ingredients, this item includes round onions combined with marinated, tenderized beef slices cooked in a slightly tangy sweet-and-sour Chinese steak sauce. Diners receive an exciting presentation of this dish, as it is served on a sizzling platter.

The restaurant features an upstairs banquet room, which holds 400-plus people and has a sound system. It can be booked for any event year-round, and the restaurant can seat close to 200 people downstairs. The restaurant also welcomes takeout orders — Golden Palace is open seven days a week, every day of the year.

Therefore, whenever you want to put a little sizzle into your life and a satisfied smile on your lips, make a stop in Chinatown to treat yourself to all of the taste sensations offered at Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant.

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